Bead Carrying Ambassador — Los Angeles, California

Tison is recognized as a master healer specializing in removing pain and limitations on the physical, emotional, and cellular levels which opens the door for all possibilities to flow. She has successfully helped countless clients who suffer from critical illnesses, which has brought her tremendous positive responses from medical doctors. Tison is intuitive, passionate, intentional, and creates a wonderfully safe, serene space in which to perform her magic.
Tison’s “Spiritual Mentoring and Healing Sessions” have caused rapid shifts in the daily lives of many individuals. Many healers have worked with Tison and have reported their ability to bring the benefits of working with Tison in to their practices from their personal experience. Others report benefiting in their professional business relationships and in the first session most experience positive changes.
Tison utilizes a wide range of healing techniques from Yogic Science to Quantum Healing modalities such as Cellular Resonance Technique, Marma Therapy, Breath Work, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Trinity Integration Healing, Channeling, Traditional Yoga and Meditation. Tison was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has given numerous spiritual talks, healing sessions, yoga sessions and meditation classes for adults and children in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and India since 2010. Tison also offers private healing retreats for those who are ready for the next step of their spiritual and personal growth.


Tison offers a wide range of services to remove pain and limitations in the physical, mental and cellular levels. She also offers distance healing through video conference.

  • Marma Therapy
  • Cellular Resonance Technique
  • Healing Journey
  • Traditional Yoga
  • Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Mentoring Program
  • Pure Love Awakening Healing Program
  • Private Healing Retreat

Contact Me

“Spend as little as 10-15 mins doing something that fulfills your heart everyday. Our inner joy will grow and get stronger as we do so!” ~ Tison

Mobile: (310) 773-8865
Email: tisonthehealer@gmail.com