Bald Eagle

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The Essence of Bald Eagle is mastering the sense of freedom, opening the door to new ideas to chart your destiny swiftly and with fortitude, courage, and increased wisdom. It awakens your ability to see hidden spiritual truths, teaching you to rise above the material to acquire the spiritual connection through inner guidance and teachers.

Bald Eagle is the arbitrator of great power and balance, dignity with grace, intuitive and creative spirit, respect for customs bringing opportunities for grace that is achieved through knowledge and hard work. It awakens wisdom, keen insight, perceptual swiftness, determined strength, and courage of conviction. It illuminates your spirit’s internal and external field, advances creative healing abilities, and helps you recall knowledge of magic. It reveals your ability to see hidden spiritual truths and supports your rise above the material to see the spiritual connection. It ignites your ability to see the overall pattern/big picture and connects you to spirit guides, teachers, and higher truths.

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