Redwood Tree

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Essence of Redwood Tree awakens the “Grandmother of the Forest” within you. It guides you to work with the ancient ones, great teachers who teach in proximity. This means all you need do is sit near a redwood tree to receive the whispers of ancient wisdom!

Redwood awakens ancient mysteries, unending truth, wisdom and silent knowledge acquired over the ages; the unfolding of your inner beautiful, stately form; the steps to the tests for living a very long time; the ability to withstand disasters and remain standing; feelings of inner safety in the heart; and the power to transform and protect. It teaches you how to be larger than life; to sit in anticipation of the glorious beauty of Grandmother’s shining rays of hope; to listen closely to the voices of trees and animals; to sit with the beauty and gratitude of prayers; to believe that all of life is sacred in the knowledge “I remember I am part of a greater plan.”

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