Athena StarseedWhen one encounters a healer that truly guides their journey into the deepest wells of the subconscious mind and leads them back to their Soul’s Purpose, they are divinely blessed…

And I have been fortunate enough, after searching 25 years, to find not one but two of these divine beings…

and guess what, they just happened to be married!!!!!

Swaha Ron Holman and Tison are both very skilled and devoted healer/practitioners that really know their stuff.  From cellular reprograming to accessing the divine light of  “The Laws of Grace”,  these two Angels truly bring healing to a whole new octave.

Filled with beauty, gentleness and strength their modalities include more than 200 different techniques from around the world.  They have trained and healed souls all over the globe,

from India to Egypt, to Hong Kong to Peru, their work is very unique and highly effective.

Through mystical story telling, laying on of hands and their combined no-nonsense approach to

asking their audiences to take 100% responsibility for co-creating their lives, they leave individuals

accountable, inspired and more available to their own inner “Light”.

Swaha Ron and Tison are also very skilled with the ancient medicines of the Siddha Yogis of south India, in a lineage that dates back over 7,000 years.  They perform water puja ceremonies for businesses and clear any unwanted karmic blocks that allow their clients to receive more wealth and abundance.   They also have the ability to teach how to communicate with gem stones and travel the unseen realms of the astral plane.

They are also very generous with the knowledge of Egyptian oils and have been trained by a 5th generational Egyptian Oil Master.

Many miracles have been documented after taking their Ormus Gold and Navapashanam blessed water.

To read 100s of additional testimonials you can go to and look at ongoing Reports:

Swaha Ron and Tison also have a very magical, ceremonial way on how and when they collect and create their Ormus.  When they gather the community on auspicious astral logical dates, it’s filled with families and children, healers and practitioners and everyday individuals, which bring a whole new vibrational resonance to the Ormus Gold.

I have included a link below to show you just one of the many gatherings.

Raising Reverence Show on Youtube with Swaha Ron Holman and Ormus

If anyone is interested in really doing some deep work on a “Soul—You-lar” level;  removing unwanted energy blocks, thereby bringing the body back into harmony and homeostasis, I highly recommend to attend a workshop, seminar or book a private one on one session with them.

They are sweet, kind and have a great sense of humor.

I am eternally grateful and very blessed to have done over six of their workshops and two deep intense private session with both Swaha Ron and Tison.

They are definitely the healers Healer!

My results were many, from having a softer, sweeter and more gentle disposition to doubling my income on my own personal psychic intuitive readings in less than 3 months. Many magical things have happened to me since I began working with them.  Some of my clients have seen a golden glow around my aura and have reported physical issues disappearing.

The more I heal myself the more divine grace light is available to me and all my personal healing modalities.

I am truly blessed.

Thank you Swaha Ron and Tison, may you both continue to be richly blessed.

In loving Reverence,

Athena StarSeed

Intuitive Reader and

Host of TV Radio Show

Heaven On Earth

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