What is Ormus?

Ormus is a product of alchemy, which is the ancient chemistry that transmutes something “base” into something “fine” through an esoteric energetic process.

Ormus for Plants & Pets

Application of Ormus produces improvement in growth & size. Many people have reported that they like the result they observe by giving Ormus to their pets.

Ormus + Navapashanam

Anu Alchemy Ormus is collected in Navapashanam water by a loving community during the full moon, solstice, equinox and eclipse times. Navapashanam is used to bless the distilled water and is made from many herbs & minerals from an immortal Siddha from South India.

Anu Alchemy’s Mission

Anu Alchemy is dedicated to awakening aspects of the consciousness that are dormant in our subconsciousness.  This awakening occurs to those who are ready and desire to receive it. The alchemist and healer at Anu Alchemy bring forth a unique vibrational healing structure for today’s conscious world.  Our motto is ancient magic for modern times.
We create quantum energized oils that communicate to your body and soul on a multicellular level to heal itself.  By utilizing ancient teachings and healing modalities, we aid in the removal of pain and limitation on a cellular and DNA level.  This allows your energy to shift and open new doors of possibilities to flow in. Anu Alchemy is committed and dedicated to bring the gift of healing and awakening to those who seek it.

How does Ormus affect the mind-body connection?

Some report that taking Ormus causes better functioning neurons, or “neural clarity” which enables the electric body to operate in a more efficient manner.

Laboratory Analysis of Anu Alchemy Ormus
Our Ormus reveals trace amounts of Magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium may reduce stomach acid, and increases water in the intestines which may induce elimination, may relieve occasional constipation (irregularity) and as an antacid may relieve indigestion, sour stomach, and heartburn.

Ormus in the ancient world?

Yes! It is impossible to know how many references to Ormus can be found in writings from the ancient world, because it was called by other names. For example, Cleopatra was known to have attributed her youthful beauty to her habit of bathing in a very special “milk,” which, because of her vast alchemical knowledge, can be assumed to be a code word for “Ormus.” In the old testament, the Jews ate “manna” from heaven. Many assume “manna” to be code for “Ormus.”


Ormus in the ancient world


It enhances life force energy;


Ormus is a product of alchemy,


Mixing Ormus with psychedelics can split open the psyche, bringing unconscious material forth whether one is ready for it or not!

A fuller life through Ormus?

Most people who incorporate Ormus into their lives experience:

  • Sensations of contentment
  • Enriched feelings of happiness
  • A sense of well being, centered and grounded.

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Meet the Alchemist

It all started for SwahaRon with a heart-felt desire to discover and learn healing to restore the health of his life partner, Linda, who lived 29 years longer than the doctors at the UCLA liver transplant unit had said was possible. During their marriage, he traveled the world tirelessly to master energy healing techniques to help her, searching from the U.S. to Brazil, from China to India, from Europe to Mexico.

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