Crystals & Rocks

High quality Natural Crystals & Rocks for your energetic practice from Reiki to Chakra balancing and Meditation.

Check out our amazing collection intuitively selected by SiddhaRon Holman offered in many shapes and sizes such as Hearts, Eggs, Palm Stones, Freeform, Spheres and Wands for massage. We also have unusual Geodes and Clusters in many shapes and sizes.

Due to the unique nature of natural crystals and stones each piece may vary in color, shape and size. Our photos are our best effort to catch the beauty of each item.

We have many new items not listed on our website. Please reach out to us if you’re looking for something specific or have questions.

Please contact us for bulk orders or multiple items, prices vary by size. We ship with USPS Priority Mail, Flat Rate boxes to save on shipping fees whenever possible.

Septarian Stone

from $22.00 and up USD

Septarian stones are versatile and may be used to help with grounding and nurturing, giving feelings of happiness and understanding, also a great protection stone. Septarian stones are known for their interesting colors and patterns of yellow/white (Calcite), brown (Aragonite) and gray (Limestone).

Available shapes: Egg, Heart, Freeform, Massage Wands, Spheres & Druzy Geodes (more photos coming soon).

Available from 2″ and up (size and weight vary by item).

Clear Crystal Quartz

$120 per pound, USD
(Hearts start at $3 and up)

Clear quartz the “Master Healer” associated with light, clarity, purity, and acceptance. Powerful cleanser of negative energy and clearing of mind, body and spirit of clutter. We have them in many shapes and sizes.

Size: from 1.5″ and up to large 14.5″ Towers (many to choose from).

Bahia Amethyst

Generator Points

(see price by size below) $ USD

Bahia Amethyst generator points can be used during healing but are also good when placed in a room to release energy steadily over time. Amethyst amplifies energy including thoughts and intentions and helps to calm spiralling thought patterns. It protects against psychic attacks, emotional manipulation, stress and anxiety related issues clearing of negative energy. These Bahia are a beautiful deep purple color!

Sizes: 1.25 to 1.36 pounds each


A $112

B $120

C $124

D $110

E $110

Rose Quartz

from $25.00 and up USD

Rose Quartz is known for soothing energy, self-love and supports happiness and intuition. Believed to help release negative energies, promote healing and restore a sense of well being and inner piece. We have this lovely stone in many shapes and sizes Hearts, Freeform, Generator Points (more photos coming soon).

Available from 2″ and up (size and weight vary by item).

Bracelets, Natural Crystal Quartz (choose colors)

Multi, Rose Quartz, Black-White, Blue, Purple Quartz
$14.00 ea. USD

Multi Stone, rectangular beaded bracelet. Fits most sizes with elastic band easily slides on-off. Wear for great vibrational energy.

Agate Geode Slices

(prices vary, please see below) $ USD

Agate Geode Slices (natural, not colored) helps mental function, concentration and perception. Great for grounding and reduces stress and anxiety bringing feelings of balance and calming.

A: $35

B: $35

C: $$30

D: $22

E: $25

Other : $36

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Elestial Quartz

(see price by size) $ USD

Elestial Quartz has many healing and metaphysical properties, a well rounded stone with soft vibration yet also holds a very powerful energy within. Used often with other stones to help strengthen their effects.

Size: 3.5″x4.25″ / 722.9g (1 lb, 9.5 oz) / $128

Size: 2.5″ x 3.75″ / 348.69 g (12.3 oz) / $87

Auralite 23 (raw)

“The Aurora Crystal”

(see prices below) $ USD

The Auralite 23 is the aurora (energizer) of many benefits and used to help reach higher levels of consciousness and bring balance and wellbeing to the mind, body and soul. Helps align, cleanse and activate all the Chakras releasing any emotional and mental blocks. Helps to stimulate and enhance intuition & psychic abilities.

It gets the name Auralite 23 as it is composed of amethyst and 23 crystals and rare minerals: Titanite, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, Uranopilite, Hematite, Magnetite, Ajoite, Pyrite, Goethite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Sphalerite, Epidote, Covellite, Pyrolusite, Chalcopyrite,Gialite, Bornite & Rutile.

Left: $35 / Size: 2″ x 2.5″/ 34.019g,  2.8oz

Right: $15 / Size: 5/8″ x 2.25″/ 79.378g, 1.2oz

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