Ongoing Reports of Navapashanam Elixir

There have been over 700 people that have been given water energized made with a Navapashanam Talisman Bead since April 2011. Here are some of the reports from some of those people that have taken an ounce or more of water energized with a Navapashanam Talisman bead.

There have been some 900 people that have Taken Navapashanam Holy Water since April 2011. Here are some of the Reports from some of those people Inn their Own words.

ES 1-16-19: (Has Charged Water)

I have to take it very slowly with that Navapashanam water, it is very potent and I am very sensitive to it.

I found out since I was taking that a few times for detox, that a drug I was on was made from pit viper venom

It was causing me a lot of side effects. I had been taking it for 10 yrs +.   I stopped and i gained my stamina back and it was really messing with my health.  I’d rather not be on a blood pressure medicine than eat snake venom.

I blame taking the Navapasham water on leading to the quitting of this substance and realizing it was made of poison.

So now that Navapashanam liquid will come in real useful as it took me 2 weeks of detox coming off that stuff to get back to normal… The Nav water will likely help me purge its more subtle toxins i gathered over time into my organs I suspect.

Lisinopril was the medication made from pit viper.

1-10-19: DeV C (Navapashanam Energized water)

I have enhanced my mentality and acquired more free flowing abundance in all areas of my life.  I thank you for it!

1-1-19: JC (Bead carrier)
I’ve been using my essential oil diffuser to spread Navapasanam charged mist around while I meditate and that’s been very effective. Came to me in a meditation. I didn’t realize you could do any liquid, that’s good to know.
It’s like I’m meditating in a cloud of energy when I do the Navapasanam water in the diffuser.

3-18-16: DW has water
Hi Ron, I wanted to give you an update! You may use any portion of this as a testimonial for your website if you like: It has been almost a month now that I have been using the strong Navapashanam water you sent me and the Navapashanam ORMUS. After the flu I got from coworkers, very coincidentally, right before receiving the water I started taking 1oz of the strong Navapashanam water and diluting it into close to a liter of good filtered water so that I could take shots of it. I had no problem going up to 3 shots a day, doing affirmations to rebuild my body to how it was when I was 18 and meditating after each dose. When I got up to 4 shots I started to detox, I felt a sense of malaise and the surface of my skin started feeling like it was toxic – that the skin oils were carrying more toxins than normal. It feels like Navapashanam breaks open the cell walls and allows all the waste to be released, thats the sense I get. I was at 4 – 5 shots and a little Navapashanam ORMUS daily for a week or two before I felt healthy. Another thing I’m noticing is that I have old stretch marks from my early 20s (Im 32 now) that are very itching and just today I noticed they seem fainter. My digestion has been very bad for the last 5 years and 4-5 shots a day of the water has healed allot. I’ve experimented with 6 shots a day for a while and do well at that level now. Last Saturday I took 8-9 oz of the water and felt amazing all day- the healthiest I have felt in as long as I can remember, but then on Sunday I woke up feeling a severe flu-like reaction. I vomited and had diarrhea all day and was almost nailed to the bed until 9PM. I slept around 18 hours that day and woke up normal, only feeling slightly sick on Monday morning to go to work. Looks like I have alot more detoxing to do to become completely healthy. I will keep working on going up to 8oz a day, doing it that one day had a big/lasting healing effect on my digestion, but it has not ‘fully’ healed yet. Definitely this water is an amazing substance, the most healing product I have ever come across. Thank you again for the water and Namaste!

6-5-15: RR has water
I been on physic meds for over 8 yrs and they worked really well .. I came across Navapashanam Elixir Water about 3 weeks ago and started taking then. I’m off my depression pills I’m off my sleeping pills, pain pills and full of energy.. it’s an experience that is getting better by the DAY.. NAMASTE…

6-4-15: JB has water
I have been drinking the Navapashanam for a week and have already noticed results my gums that were swollen and hurting became normal as soon as the water touched them when i set an intention then drank the elixir my body which felt heavy and stiff felt light and flexible it was an amazing change. Jeff

5-15-15: RK – Texas has water
I have still been taking elixir and continuously feel my vehicle is being filled more and more each day with more qi. I feel as though everything is more and more at ease and my immunity is strengthening.

4-15-15: RK
I also wanted to tell you I gave some to my mother when she was in hospital and she said she smelt flowers and looked peaceful.

4-10-15: RR has water
Much gratitude for sending me the Navapashanam elixir it was far more powerful than anticipated I can honestly feel an alchemical change going on ! (From the first drop!) I can say my chi is flowing immeasurably smoother and my meditation is deeper level than I myself have ever experienced! It is as if my meditation flows throughout my day and my emotions and mind are stable and clear. I feel as if my body is lighter and just more in the moment so to say! Much of what I have experienced is indescribable. Also last night I felt presence of being. A lot is changing in my body I have no pain and my chi is flowing and my body feels more supple. I want to share this elixir with all those who would like. I am going to give away. Just wanted to give you some feedback. I will be sending you a donation next week along with another order of water and Brahman. Again thank you swaha

3-28-15: PC wore beads for 15 minutes
What can I say. This was the most powerfully healing experience for me so far. As soon as I put the beads on, I started feeling something happening. I went into a deep state of meditation and I heard and saw someone come to me. He stood in front of me and said “do I have your permission to rearrange your DNA? I felt the need to qualify that it could be rearranged to increase my spiritual awareness, help me on my path, and so I may be of service to others. I heard, “so it is”. I could feel something physical happening immediately. I don’t know how to describe it.

2-9-15: WK
I just wanted to send this note to thank you for being the messenger of something that has touched my life in such a profound way. Also I feel impelled with connect further with Maha Ananda & Papa. There is for me an undeniable pull into this tradition as if it was something I’ve been waiting for all this life. It feels so familiar and, as I mentioned to you in person, like coming home. Between you and I, I’ve been doing Buddhist practices for nearly 2 years, but just taking a bit of the water the first time was more powerful for me. That and all the Siddha substances have that resonance with me. I ask you with all sincerity for any suggestions to connect more with this lineage, My finances at this time do not allow travel to India for Maha Ananda’s bath, but i am literally impelled to dive into this deeply. My desire is not to study the Siddhas but if I may be so bold, to become one.
With all gratitude

1-27-15: YA
The first day I had a headache taking 1 oz of Navapashanam. I backed off and built up again. Really amazing divine blessings occurring for first 10ish days. Then as soon as Mercury went retrograde headaches and little sleep. I backed off of the water yesterday again. We shall see. There is definitely some power to these products!

12-6-14: TAA has water
The doctor found kidney stones. When I went in to have a procedure the doctor could not find any kidney stones. The doctor said in a confused tone, something must have happened that I don’t understand. The only thing that happened is I started drinking the Holy Water.

12-02-14: GG – has water
Thanks again for the Navapashanam. 20 people came to my retreat and they all left with purified bodies, awakened hearts and higher consciousness. The Navapashanam played a role in this wonderful process, so to you and the Siddhas we are eternally grateful. Blessings to you. Talk soon.

11-21-14: GG has water
The Navapashanam water arrived yesterday in perfect time. I start my retreat today with 20 people- they are all ready to transform and go deep within. This Elixir will be such a special part of our 8 day journey. Thank you thank you.

11-09-14: GG has water
These Energized Oils that have been made available from the great Siddhas are subtle in their nature but deeply penetrating. The bhasmas had quite a powerful effect on me initially, I felt quite out of myself. This didn’t last too long. Then the Navapashanam elixir is what I was taking fairly regularly and the effect is certainly something that I can notice. It is subtle and solid. It’s hard to articulate exactly the effect however I can feel it working its magic and often feel the need to be mindful of the dosage and frequency. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to courier and the siddhas for sharing and making this available to all those yearning for acceleration on the spiritual path.

8-20-14: CB – has water
God puts you in my life for a beautiful purpose, today my father call me and said: I am not sure if it is the Energized Oils or what but I woke up in such a state of peace, no thoughts were in the mind, I am doing everything more in a slow motion, i feel so happy”…..wao!!!!! Big accomplishment ….you and Papa Bogar…. Blessings, blessings, blessings

8-4-14 WO – has water
I carry Devi’s energy in me. She is in the form of Mahishassura Mardini. She always spoke through as the Great Devi as my vocal cord then could not pronounce Her name. The Navapashanam water has increased my capacity to enable Her to work through me. A new thing that is expressing through me is that of an energy transmitter. At least that what I think. Through me She will swallow or suck in the air around Her. Seconds later, my head tilts toward the sky as a huge amount of energy comes out of my eyes and move upward toward the sky. Only less than 5 people know about this as I am learning to share my space.

8-3-14 – HC has water
How gleeful unfurled joy am I to be a part of this great and marvelous happenings. To know I have real reliable support everyday as I walk my path cannot be overstated. My current circumstances to the lay man would rightfully be considered virtually impossible but being gifted with the source elixirs with a group of high beings I easily and effortlessly boldly am following my right path regardless of the challenges. Now that I have gotten out of my own way my desire is to serve and to say that and do that even though things are still a bit of a mess makes me know that i am changing and rearranging. That my heart is shifting to having the capacity to focus on others that could use my time and support makes me happy

8-2-14 PD has water
Ever since I started the herbs and Navapashanam water 2 years ago it activated a deep spiritual practice from one or many of my monastic lifetimes and went into a deep monk lifestyle dedicated to my practice in prayer, meditation in communion to GOD. I learned and remembered so much, and it has been an amazing path with the Monk lifestyle, I feel the spiritual teachings is now being focused on relationships, with myself and others more so than ever even though that lesson has always been there I feel the focus has shifted. I have accessed so many tools and ways of being in a place of more detachment with others behavior and less judgmental and more accepting of myself and others. I feel more than ever now that I am able to move forward and progress with moving out on my own, possibility of a relationship and focusing more on work while still having my dedicated practice every morning and every moment. I am grateful for the herbs and water and what it activated within me I have been guided to stop taking the water and herbs and ormus for the time being, still appreciating there presence in my room.

8-1-14-HC has water only
Of all the happenings the one most note able is while speaking to my friend who was in bed in the day time with the blanket up to her chin due to debilitating anxiety in an ongoing custody battle. She was inspired to call me and I knew it was right to share the awakening alchemy. Odd thing is she never took anything yet after hearing my experience she was awakened thru transference thru the phone and since then has felt happiness optimistic laughter etc. Funny thing is I felt a little robbed of actually physically handing her the Navapashanam elixir and seeing her consume it in front of me to share in the moment but with all her court stuff mother stuff work stuff it wasn’t feasible for to actually meet up for Anything so no problem the Divine gave it to her thru my voice!

6-11-14: K in Oz has water
“I frequently refer to Navapashanam as Navapashanam- YUM, and I am grateful Lesley Anne has enriched my life with this elixir. Personally, I find that Navapashanam enlivens the senses of the heart and cultivates a jovial quality toward life. I have been taking Navapashanam for about 6 weeks. The first two weeks, my body and mind were buzzing, and I felt elated! I have never been one to take much and always question the true effect and perceived outcome of taking anything. With Navapashanam, I take it and feel good. Never questioning, the how and why it is “working”. I created a personal mantra for myself a few years ago, which speaks of perfect health, brilliance and youthfulness. I am certain that Navapashanam is the elixir to match”.

January 23, 2014 – SO has water
I’d put my Navapashanam water “over there” and eventually forgot about it. Today, while straightening out a few things, found a small container of the Nava along with my written intentions. Took some and focused on my intentions. Later, during meditation, elevating energy totally enveloped me. Was quite surprised. Thank you for your work and thank you to your Guru. Navapashanam is a great gift to the planet waiting for when we’re ready to receive.

1-13-14 – AD has water
The navapashanam you gave me has helped me so much. I wish to get another two bottles. My dad was ill and each time I drop 9 drops and mention OM…I imagine a divine light gets and mix into a cup of water. Each time I do that and give my dad. He feels good. His illness is well now. Thanks for your support.

12-27-13 – BM has water
It’s been about a week since I started Navapashanam and I have definitely felt a shift and this is especially significant during the holidays which are usually fairly grim for me. These holidays have been extraordinarily challenging, so many weird things happened, however, I have had an inexplicable ability to move through these issues quickly and return to a hopeful state-as opposed to constant despair. One thing I’ve really noticed is that my dreams are very complex, some frightening but very engaging. And each day, after a night of dreams, I find myself contemplating the dreams. Needless to say, my curiosity in hallucinogens has been terminated. I am continuing to do the Sankalpa with Navapashanam and I look forward to a continuing expansion and communications.

10-26-13: DM – has water
It is now five days that I started with the new Nava water, the one where the beads slipped into the bottle and you had to retrieve them. It is very potent. On the third day of taking my usual dose of 4 ounces, I got a headache, so now I only take 1 – 2 ounces a day.

10-17-13: DJ has water
Last night I took the Navapashanam water and I prayed. I could feel the energy of the water swirling around my energy field. Then I did another meditation just before bed. I had zombie dreams after…and then I woke up feeling really bad about myself. I was feeling bad about body image and self esteem stuff, which I don’t feel too often. So I was feeling bad about myself and I was going to write and suddenly it hit me that the water was bringing up these issues that I’ve had within me. It was like I am glad I took the water and I will be taking herbs today as well. Every time I take them I just notice it is bringing up and stirring conflicts that were already present within myself. As soon as i realized this I felt very happy. I have had amazing energy all day and i have been feeling better about myself. The water feels like a wonderful magnifying glass that stirs up issues within, that are blocking me from spiritual growth and i really like that. I know dealing with them is something you do at your own pace but it helps to see them as the programming and filter from which you interpret your reality. I did feel really free right after I knew that these were being stirred up, and if I can retain the awareness that these issues are that social programmed filter I think I will feel more free as well, however it is a work in progress.

10-12-13 – PW has water
Many thanks for the water, red capsules and powders. I appreciate your efforts and want to tell you that my levels of connective-ness and Peace have expanded and continue to do so. Please tell our Blessed friends of the results. Warmest regards

10-8-13 – JD has water
When you sent me the charged water several months ago, I shared it with my master mind group of friends. I also took the water internally for about two weeks. I didn’t notice any significant change in my body, mind or spirit at that time. So, I stopped taking it internally and placed it on my altar, along with the brochure you sent. Two days ago I was bathing and the thought came that I should ask you to bless my business. After having that thought, the next thought was, “Take the Navapashanam again.” I just read the brochure completely word for word, then I took a dose (9 drops) of Navapashanam water, and I closed my eyes to notice what is happening. I immediately noticed a sharp pain in my right arm (bicep). This arm has been very sore and painful for about 5 weeks. I also noticed some energy movement in my abdomen. Again, this area has been troubling me for several months. After the physical response, I noticed my heart energy shifting very slightly, and then I drifted off into an altered state of relaxed wakefulness. Now I am sending you this message to thank you for blessing me with the water and also for keeping me posted on your gatherings. I always read the email messages and I always notice a strong current of love moving through the message into my body and soul. This current is very deeply appreciated. I am aware of the importance of reciprocating energy for the giving and receiving channels to mature and blossom. Right now, I am working on opening the doors of prosperity in the material world. Even as I write this message I received a notice of 46 dollars going into my business account. This isn’t much, but it is something, and it is the beginning of an ocean of wealth. Of that, I feel certain. As I am guided and able I will send you monetary offerings. Please keep this intention lively in your awareness for me and for Jay, too. We are partners now and working on our worldly supply as a team. I am so grateful for his love and support. All love and heart felt thanks to you and the Masters of the Navapashanam tradition.

10-6-13 – JS is a bead carrier
One girl said she really liked the way her intention worked with it and she felt like there was more on an inner sense throughout her day. 2 other guys said they didn’t notice anything really. i personally think its cause they use medical marijuana several times a day and that clouds the mind for some people. Response: The two guys smoking medical marijuana could crash into the object that the medical marijuana is covering up! The Nav will hasten the surfacing of issues! A few weeks ago I charged up the shared water supply where I am working and suddenly the people I work with are asking me questions on God and what life really means and how to meditate. We had several long in depth conversations over that week. I was really astonished by this one, because these are kids straight out of high school and want to do nothing enthusiastic.

10-5-13: AJ has water
Day1: Nav water – I took 2 ounces at bedtime and go to sleep. I had a warm sensation on my knees. A general energy moving in my body ( I normally used to get this when I meditated).
Day4: I had the same warm sensation but in my back/ bottom of my spine-lasted for 2-3 minutes.
Day 7: I had the same warm sensation in my gut, that has been a painful area. I always feel the energy in my body when I lie down -I do try to meditate when I am in bed at night and can get into the meditative state, get flashes of light on my third eye and feel energy on my crown but all of this is fairly for a short time and I then drift off to sleep. If I take the water before going to work- I am extremely angry and irritated during my drive to work and in a complete opposite frame of mind that I intended to be in. I don’t know why this happens maybe because I did not go into meditation after taking it. But it is frustrating that I am not making progress so I although I read the blogs every other day I hesitate to record the ‘lack of progress’. Response: You are progressing beautifully. What you write here is perfect for the blog and will be of help for many who are afraid to tell their true experiences. The Anger is in the way of God’s Love blossoming to a larger degree. So, what are you really angry about. The traffic, the job, your life, your family!! You are angry at something! Admit to yourself and it will start dissolving.

10-4-13 – RRA- has water
I notice that my granddaughter is picking up her mother’s vibes of depression prior to her taking the Navapashnam – I saw changes in my daughter and she told me to give a teaspoon for her baby. I just wanted to know if it is safe for the baby. After her first visit with her dad (which the court told to do); the baby was traumatized and goes into a screaming fit, and doctor feel she is afraid of strangers. But we gave her a bit of Navapashanam and the baby slept through the night.

9-6-13: SS has water
Every night, When I take the Navapashanam water, I meditate before going to sleep. For the last 3 days, I have been practicing this particular meditation: I am in a deep forest. There are only 6 of us. Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Maha Ananda, Bhogar, Sri Raman and myself. Lord Ganesha always stands first. I go around in 3 circles washing his legs, I dry his legs, put little mardaani and offer flowers. The same process is done to Lord Shiva, Maha Ananda, Sri Raman and Bhogar. And then, I fall asleep not knowing when this was over. Yesterday, Maha Ananda came after I had slept and showed me his face in meditation. They were the photos from the website. I haven’t seen the photos for 4 weeks now. But he just stayed in my room and was in meditation and then left.

8-30-13 – PGD has water
I delivered the water bottles you gave me , I did the initiation and my cousin who I felt was sensitive to energy and she felt calm and the water go through her body.  In the water I tasted the vibhuti  from Sri La Sri Maha Andada Siddha and felt and saw Siddha Laughing after drinking the water! Was the water laced with Vibhuti because my cousin tasted it as well ? Let me know what you think, I feel Bogars presence and Siddhas  every time I share the water but I had not ever tasted the Vibhuti before thought I would let you know.
Answer: Whatever was in the water was Siddhas doing! Quite a blessing.

8-15-13 – AP has water
Taking about 1/4 oz Navapashanam water each day. It is giving me a deep grounding and profound calm.

August 8, 2012: PP has water
I have been drinking the water with my intentions/sankulpas before meditation and prayer almost every day and the most significant change that recently happened was that I only hungered for vegetable protein or faux meats starting last week. I felt oddly ill and could not think of eating anything other than vegetarian. And this was not a conscious goal of mine. One day I decided to eat sushi and to my surprise I had cramps and now even the smell of cooked meat is a tad bit undesirable. It’s funny because I was a little turned off from being a vegetarian because I really like my protein in my active lifestyle as well as running into very emotional vegetarians who are so passionate about it that they are angry but at least honest about their feelings of helplessness at times. But I digress…the point being is that my body only preferring vegetarian foods is a big change for me. But I feel lighter and still have a lot of energy to put towards shared fun and purposeful productivity.

August 01, 2013: SH has water:
Today is the second day of drinking the water.  I wish to share my water experiences thus far:
Yesterday, August 1st.  I drank a cup of this water immediately after I visited Jaskaran.  My intention was clarity of the mind.  Two hours later, I received a text from a close friend who was offended at a few choice words I texted him the other day.  I was surprised to find myself calm and centered for I was very clear that this had absolutely nothing to do with me.  I realized he was making the choice to be offended because something deep within him was triggered.
Today, August 2nd.  Drank a cup before morning meditation.  My intention was to awaken dormant parts of my DNA and activate inactive photons which in turn will awaken my pyschic and supernatural abilities for the benefit of mankind.  So far all I’ve noticed is how fast my meditation was.  I felt as if I meditated for only 5 minutes when the 3D clock informed me it was more than 40 minutes!  I’ve had this experience before so no biggie but this was the first time in a long while this happened so I’m assuming the treated water effected me in that manner.

July 30, 2013 – LM has water

The primary ways I experience the power of meditation at this point are:
– the ability to see the distinction between self and mind more clearly
– the ability to acknowledge and tolerate reality
– the ability to shift energy, perspective and internal experience as appropriate/needed
– the ability to draw the people, things, information and situations into awareness which promote spiritual growth and progress on the path

Since taking the elixir for the first time and subsequently fairly regularly (I meditate about 3-4x/wk recently, approx 30-45mins) I have noticed an acceleration in all of these aspects of growth. My visit to the gathering on 6/29 likely also contributed. Over the past few weeks I have achieved levels of self-realization which for me equate to leaps and bounds in awakening and growth. I now see a path forward which previously had eluded me, although I know that the information needed for this understanding was always available. I also notice I am much more motivated and eager to mediate. And when I do, I feel the support of powerful souls in my mediation, although I have had no clear visuals of these – just a strong, loving, encouraging presents.

June 26, 2013: BC has water
About the Navapashanam I had to stop it for 2 days because i felt so wired and just wouldn’t sleep my usual 8hrs but 2hrs and i would up like i slept for yrs. I can say that i am more calm, always laughing and i also have to occasional cry that comes out of nowhere followed by a burst of intense dancing session, lol. I can say i am happy and optimistic

June 17, 2013: BC has water
I have been having a blast just watching myself going through some changes with the elixir. My dreams are clearer and most of all i remember them now. My meditations are intense i mean i have experience dual body many times. I am excited. I wake up feeling more positive, smiling more and taking better care of my body just a push out of no where. I am convinced that my body is slowing going through a repair process. I kept a bottle of water for myself and gave the other two to my sisters i figured i can’t hold that blessing all to myself and both of my sisters are experiencing different things.

June 7, 2012: RB has water and Ormus
I’ve been taking one dime size dose of the Ormus (shaken) in the morning, and one cap-full of the Water in the morning and also in the evening. It’s been at least 6 months since I’d had the Water last, and I’ve been taking it now for about 7 days straight. When I first took the Water last year, I received a very powerful effect in my spine…it was described to you then as like being played as an xylophone, and this was always in the morning upon awakening, plus I experienced intense bouts of exhaustion and sleep. I took this to be related to a type of Kundalini awakening by the Navapashanam, in a sort of fine tuning process, although it only lasted during the first week, then the intense exhaustion came. I also went through a lot of drama at the time around family and finances, so my follow through with the Water and my meditation was interrupted…unfortunate for me, but there it is. This time the experience has been much more mellow, possibly because of the added Ormus, however it’s only 7 days so far so who knows how it will be after a few weeks or more. I have been hearing almost continuously what is referred to as the “Hu” sound, which for me is like a high pitched almost silent whistle, which I find very pleasant, and certainly relates to my meditation practice, which is Kriya Yoga as taught  to me by Swami Hariharananda Giri, some 30 years ago. Hariharananda was a disciple of both Yogananda and Yukteswar, the lineage of which goes back to Babaji and the Siddhars. I have also been experiencing a great sense of overall calm and peace, even in the face of what would normally for me to be extreme anxiety producing experiences and health issues in my daily life. It feels like all things are possible with faith and patience, and that the great love (or Divine Sankalpa if you will) of the Siddhas is permeating the borders of my consciousness and spirit. I am very grateful for this. Pre-Maha Siddha Herbs Experience: I’ve been reading from the blog every day, going back from the earliest postings forward, and this has been very interesting to read of the experiences of your first wave of herb users. It feels kind of like I’ve become a small part of this groups’ consciousness, and, it’s like I’m already taking the herbs. I’ve had several dreams where I felt Maha-Siddha’s presence and gentle instruction.  I’ve been noticing almost a detox effect, which is different from the magnesium in the Ormus, although I’m also getting that effect. This is more a detox on the spiritual side, which I don’t quite have the words for yet, but it seems like I’m being prepared to become more energized and at the same time quieter. I’ve also been craving more fresh vegetables, and less food quantity (for me thats a big deal), and I’ve been switching over to a more early to bed early to rise schedule, with ease. Again, only 7 days so I’ll patiently watch how the experience changes over time. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to receive and use the Maha-Siddha Herbs, Oils and Sapphire Basmam, if it is to be so. I feel such strong love and appreciation to be a part of this. Thank you.

May 24, 2013: CN has water
So far what I have experienced today is a marked increase of compassion, love, personal well being and quite a bit higher life force

April 29, 2013: RM has water and is giving water to her briends
I felt happy when the lady with multiple sclerosis told me she could walk again after taking the water

April 24, 2013: PD has water: I started watering all the plants around my home with the nava water after I heard Swaha mention it. I have been observing the growth and seeing how quickly some plants respond and seem to grow in a accelerated way as a result of the blessed water. As I am watering and nurturing the plants, I saw myself as the plant and the siddhas watering me and watching and observing my growth, not attempting to change me, checking in and seeing what growth or expansion has taken place as a result of the water and herbs. I thought it was a cool image.

April 10, 2013: SM: Has water: Met one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met yesterday.
I’m thinking the Navapashanam is at work. 

April 2, 2013: GZ: Has water – Been a few weeks without water. Finally processing much of what came up by taking quite a bit of the water and am now finding a stable platform at a New depth. I have a new respect for these substances and think I will try a few drops of water a day for a while rather then half a bottle : ) overall I am very glad at the progress this deep catharsis has ultimately shifted me into and I look forward to more progress but in a slower more responsible and balanced way . Now I get why my first bottle came with an oil dropper : )

March 21, 2013: MR has water- Finished drinking the water and meditating. re the intentions….and oh my gosh…. I’ve never experienced this sensation while meditating nor have I ever been able to meditate like this! Didn’t want to stop meditating and the sensation is still continuing even as I’m writing to you. When you told me you meditated for two hours, I wondered how you could possible do that—-now I know!

March 7, 2013: RB has water and Ormus I’ve been taking one dime size dose of the Ormus (shaken) in the morning, and one cap-full of the Water in the morning and also in the evening. It’s been at least 6 months since I’d had the Water last, and I’ve been taking it now for about 7 days straight. When I first took the Water last year, I received a very powerful effect in my spine…it was described to you then as like being played as an xylophone, and this was always in the morning upon awakening, plus I experienced intense bouts of exhaustion and sleep. I took this to be related to a type of Kundalini awakening by the Navapashanam, in a sort of fine tuning process, although it only lasted during the first week, then the intense exhaustion came. I also went through a lot of drama at the time around family and finances, so my follow through with the Water and my meditation was interrupted…unfortunate for me, but there it is. This time the experience has been much more mellow, possibly because of the added Ormus, however it’s only 7 days so far so who knows how it will be after a few weeks or more. I have been hearing almost continuously what is referred to as the “Hu” sound, which for me is like a high pitched almost silent whistle, which I find very pleasant, and certainly relates to my meditation practice, which is Kriya Yoga as taught to me by Swami Hariharananda Giri, some 30 years ago. Hariharananda was a disciple of both Yogananda and Yukteswar, the lineage of which goes back to Babaji and the Siddhars. I have also been experiencing a great sense of overall calm and peace, even in the face of what would normally for me to be extreme anxiety producing experiences and health issues in my daily life. It feels like all things are possible with faith and patience, and that the great love (or Divine Sankalpa if you will) of the Siddhas is permeating the borders of my consciousness and spirit. I am very grateful for this. Pre-Maha Siddha Herbs Experience: I’ve been reading from the blog every day, going back from the earliest postings forward, and this has been very interesting to read of the experiences of your first wave of herb users. It feels kind of like I’ve become a small part of this groups’ consciousness, and, it’s like I’m already taking the herbs. I’ve had several dreams where I felt Maha-Siddha’s presence and gentle instruction. I’ve been noticing almost a detox effect, which is different from the magnesium in the Ormus, although I’m also getting that effect. This is more a detox on the spiritual side, which I don’t quite have the words for yet, but it seems like I’m being prepared to become more energized and at the same time quieter. I’ve also been craving more fresh vegetables, and less food quantity (for me thats a big deal), and I’ve been switching over to a more early to bed early to rise schedule, with ease. Again, only 7 days so I’ll patiently watch how the experience changes over time. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to receive and use the Maha-Siddha Herbs, Oils and Sapphire Basmam, if it is to be so. I feel such strong love and appreciation to be a part of this. Thank you.

April 29, 2013: RM has water and is giving water to her briends

I felt happy when the lady with multiple sclerosis told me she could walk again after taking the water

April 24, 2013: PD has water I started watering all the plants around my home with the nava water after I heard Swaha mention it. I have been observing the growth and seeing how quickly some plants respond and seem to grow in a accelerated way as a result of the blessed water. As I am watering and nurturing the plants, I saw myself as the plant and the siddhas watering me and watching and observing my growth, not attempting to change me, checking in and seeing what growth or expansion has taken place as a result of the water and herbs. I thought it was a cool image.

April 10, 2013: SM: Has water
Met one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met yesterday. I’m thinking the Navapashanam is at work. 

April 2, 2013: GZ: Has water Been a few weeks without water. Finally processing much of what came up by taking quite a bit of the water and am now finding a stable platform at a New depth. I have a new respect for these substances and think I will try a few drops of water a day for a while rather then half a bottle : ) overall I am very glad at the progress this deep catharsis has ultimately shifted me into and I look forward to more progress but in a slower more responsible and balanced way . Now I get why my first bottle came with a oil dropper : )

March 21, 2013: MR has water
Finished drinking the water and meditating. re the intentions….and oh my gosh…. I’ve never experienced this sensation while meditating nor have I ever been able to meditate like this! Didn’t want to stop meditating and the sensation is still continuing even as I’m writing to you. When you told me you meditated for two hours, I wondered how you could possible do that—-now I know!

March 5, 2013: GZ has water:
I am truly amazed at how deeply the Holy water has penetrated into my tissues lifting up so many things. I am cleansing and cleansing trying to find a more stable balance in this new depth. The new flows in my body need balancing and harmony. Working it out : ) And am continually grateful for this opportunity as hard as it may seem at times.

Feb 07, 2013: CG has water
I am still observing myself and my response to drinking the Navapashanam Water. So far I have been drinking it once each day, with the exception of the night of the crystal class, and I try to take the same amount you gave me the first day and then meditate. What I have found is a feeling of calm that is something I have been missing because the difficult year I went though last year and the ongoing responsibilities I face with helping my parents and my brother. The calmness is just in the background as I go through my day, helping me respond in a more balanced way to things as they come up.

Feb 1, 2013: KG has water
Thank you for sharing the Navapashanam water and your time with me today. I enjoyed our meeting today, and I feel like I am embarking on a new adventure. I would Love it if you could send me the poetry book link you mentioned today. After I left your office I spent the day helping my parents with their appointments and I found that the day went smoothly and I a felt a wonderful sense of calm even when things could have been considered challenging.

January 17, 2013: DL has Nav Bead A friend had a cat with cancer. I told her to put Ormus collected in Navapashanam on the wound where the surgery was because the cat wouldn’t let the wound heal. When the vet went in the first time they gave the cat bad news that now cancer was also under the stitches. Now with the use of Ormus it is gone. The cat is 14 or 15 years old. The cat is now fricky and even the vet is amazed.

January 15, 2013: AH has water & herbs No longer racing, I use less of the herbs. What I find so comforting in the water is that each time I drink, with every sip, I repeat the same intentions I began with. As I read the poetry, as I take more time to breathe with greater understanding… it’s like a delicate flower inside me opening and my mind & senses are calm. I understand that my confusion was an illusion… created not by circumstance but by me. Without the need to hold onto the illusion, I accept and trust in what is. This has been my intention… to surrender my ego to the will of God. I don’t know if my surrender is complete now… but since i only have this moment, for this moment it is.

January 14, 2013: GZ- has water When I was 16 I received surgery on my left urethra. A few years ago I went to the doctor again and he said my left kidney was swollen to twice its size and I was told will only function at about 40%. I feel pain in that area often. I have worked earnestly on this issue since then with diet and healing plants which has opened the flow to some degree but is still a continual issue. Because of this issue my bladder meridians on my back and legs have been blocked to certain degrees as well. Well, I have been drinking larger quantities of Nav water lately and last night i woke to Maha Ananda Siddha working on me and my whole left side was flowing and filled with light as was my back. It felt so wonderful to have a full energy flow where so many blocks have abounded before. Thank you! I awoke this morning tight in areas again and a little hungover from all the work but I feel truly optimistic that the Holy Water is slowly but surely balancing all of my energies and opening me up to full transparency.

January 11, 2013: BO has water When i first set my three intentions and drank Navapashanam I felt a trail of warmth from the inside out; like a child feels warm and secure wrapped in their mother’s embrace. Joy. Pure Joy. Gratefulness . Love. Sunshine that i cannot keep inside.I have continued to feel this way as I slowly increased to twice a day and then added the herbs. The past year has been one of great acceleration for me, and I feel that my new practice has both deepened my understanding and enriched my experiences. I feel so blessed! Happy 2013 to you all!

December 31, 2012222 – DM has water
Thank you for sending the water. I had a lovely experience the day it arrived. I was taking a nap and I was woken up by someone ringing the doorbell to my apartment. No one uses the doorbell, so I kind of ignored it assuming it was a mistake and went back to bed with a meditative mindset. I asked my guides and angels to give me advise on a situation in my life, and in between a sleep state, I began to feel a strange sensation. It felt like being on the edge of something, between realities or dimensions and waves of golden light began to flood my room. The waves were like ripples and clouds of gold energy at the same time. At first I thought someone was praying for me, and I felt very thankful. Then I felt the presence of a collective of beings, who seemed to take the energy form of a man wrapped in violet pink energy. This entity sat by my bed on the left side and I felt that they wanted to talk to me, and I began to be a little scared, so I asked Archangel Michael to oversee the interaction. I saw Archangel Michael’s violet energy fill the room as well, mixing with the gold waves that continued to wash over me. I also saw a circles of light like a tunnel in front of my third eye and I am not sure but I had a feeling or heard that the beings were from the Pleiades and I saw gold stars like a galaxy in front of me. They said they wanted to try something, and that I needed to watch my thoughts very carefully from now on. I began to get nervous even though I could feel Archangel Michael’s hot energy and sense that the beings were not malicious, so I got up and turned on the lights. I had to get ready for work, and I didn’t hear more messages. While I was on my way out the door of my apartment, I saw the box with the water you sent, and I did not have time to open it right then, but I felt the events were related. While I was at work I continued to feel this presence that was curious and lovingly watching. It felt like having extra guides.
The next day I set the three intentions for myself, and took three drops of the water mixed with regular water. Following this I meditated with some of Yogananda’s meditative affirmations and connecting to the planet Earth. I cleansed my aura with the energy of the Earth, and called my higher self to wrap me in a pillar of light. Then I went into my heart space and felt the holy trinity of love manifest in my heart and I felt so joyful and peaceful. I felt how magical life is that the energy of the sun and the earth would combine to form life from this energy of light. Initially I wanted to request advice about something, but I was so blissfully happy that I didn’t even want to because I felt the perfection of everything, and I asked my higher self to cleanse me entirely.
I have also been able to see the energy field around people more vividly, and I still feel a loving presence about me. I think it is due to the water heightening my spiritual intention. I read some of the posts on the blog and I thought they were interesting as well.

December 27, 2012: GZ – has water
I am both in fear and Awe of Navapashanam.  Overall my body feels stronger and has a much better energy flow in areas it didn’t before which is amazing!  My body feels healthier in a lot of ways and the energy flows are more in harmony which I am so happy about.  Also my mind is easier to concentrate and I’ve always struggled with mind control.  I think I experience and am affected by so many impressions from the external world because my mind wanders too much.  I appreciate your comment about how impressions from food and past lives only really  matter if you want them to and inquire into them. Ultimately I experience whatever I let my mind inquire into.  So basically, I am learning about how powerful intention really is and how conscious I need to be about my intentions. And I absolutely love how Navapashanam keeps me more awake in the dream state.  I have learned so much there.  So many strong patterns and tendencies have become known to me and so many beautiful beings have showed up with their support.
Sometimes though I fear Navapashanam because I want to sleep a lot and I feel very depressed sometimes and totally disinterested in an external life even to the point of not wanting to be bothered with friendships or even a meditation posture for that matter. It’s like I don’t want any external experience at all.  A total dispassion for life in this realm.  I also have a strong metallic taste in my mouth which kicks in my western mind about metals in the body etc.  Also I sometimes have visions of beings that look like someone who only made it through the first stage of a kaya kalpa treatment or something with hair and teeth falling out and things.  Like they are immortal but only transformed half way and are now in a strange ghost like reality (some kind of pergatory).  They are hideous looking.  Whenever I am at my limit though a beautiful perfected Siddha will show up and reassure and bless me and then the next day I feel sooo wonderful , communicative, happy etc and can’t wait to continue this exploration.  Anyway that’s my rant.  Totally Transparent!

December 26, 2012: AH –has water
Sunday morning… and it’s difficult for me to fathom that was only yesterday… I began to cry, to sob… as my mind and heart went back over 50 years of disappointment both of me in myself and others in me… guilt for mistakes made either due to not knowing or to ignoring what I thought I knew…asking for forgiveness while truly knowing I have been forgiven by everyone but myself… not understanding my need to not let go and accept forgiveness.
Yesterday seemed an eternity. I thought I was beyond that and cleansed sometime during the 3rd month of herbs. I didn’t run or practice any avoidance from the tears… just sat with the feelings… drank 2 servings of navapashanam during the few hours this continued. And began to feel the presence of love… as I breathed in the love I felt peace and knew it would be, I would be, okay. The angels were, are, with me.
When I stopped crying, I was quite tired. It seemed I’d lived a lifetime in those hours…
Then I logged on to the ASPCA… and made a donation. For some reason I need to do that. I believe by offering care to the innocence of small animals I was offering care to the innocence of the child in me… offering myself forgiveness.

December 20, 2012: BwL: has water

the water arrived felt a memory coming back and so put some drops into a smaller bottle of water sipping from time to time. ….it seems to work like a turbo speeder , in some ways reaching unknown places within, cleansing again ……only became aware of it after some time,there is this powerful softness spreadig everywhere now it is water inside outside, like one pushes the other, not clear ,maybe , but best can do….sort of clarity shimmering through..feels waterlight flowing though every timespace dimension
Keep going back into this inbetween state through this portal when just becoming, into beyond

See you there,
with love BwL

December 20, 2012: TC has water

I was given the Navapashanam water from Geri (Thank you Geri!) after a healing session I had done for her. That night, after taking my first ounce, I felt liquid energy run down my jugular veins, through my breast glands, through my abdominal muscles, through my sacral chakra, and then to my base chakra. I have felt many different types of energy before, but that was unique. It was, in a sense, a liquid form of energy. The second and third day was different as I felt most of the energy in sacral and base chakras, but that too was a different energy than what I had felt before. It was familiar and yet not, but it did resonate with my being.

October 29, 2012: JP has water

Good morning Ron, just a quick note to tell you the holy water is working wonders for me. More spiritually then any other way but also am having wonderful healing effects too. Thank you so much. Sending blessings to a beautiful Monday for you.

October 13, 2012: BP has water

Thanks for the water and herbs. I got them today. The water is like meeting up with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. The herbs are potent to hold.

Sept 20, 2012: JP has water

I am doing OH so well, I can’t believe it really. The Holy Water has propelled me not only into stronger physical health, but sanctified my spiritual walk in ways I would never have imagined… WOW is all I can say as well as THANK YOU both to you and the Grandfathers/spirits …. I honor you all daily for their gift of this Holy water.

Sept 17, 2012: MJ has water

The Navapashanam water is very high vibration.   I did use it (one drop a day) on a problematic mole on my back along with oil of Frankensense –the mole has virtually disappeared.  …Very interesting   Thank you for your kind remarks about the book and thanks for forwarding on to others.  Do stay in touch   MJ

August 15, 2012: GZ-has water

I am well and really enjoying the Navapashanam water.  Among other things, my meditations are so much more enjoyable lately.  Very profound experiences

August 08, 2012: GZ has water

I thought you would appreciate this: My friend, who has chronic migraines and shoulder and neck pain, was at my house the other day complaining about her chest (muscles, not heart) area.  She was in pain and very uncomfortable.  I was guided give her some Navapashanam water and in a short as 5 minutes the pain was disappearing!  She felt even better the next morning and it helped her migraine too!

August 7, 2012: JP has water

Good evening Ron!!!! Ok, I have taken the water for a week tomorrow night. On Monday, I had another procedure with my esophagus. I have some irritation and am not suppose to talk at least until Friday!!!!! However, I wanted to let you know, I have so far felt amazing results I feel with drinking the water and setting my intentions. I feel like I have more energy, my foot is probably already healed from being broken, and I feel no pain there, even my dysphasia problems are being relieved somewhat. I am so very excited. How can I thank you enough? Wow. I am so grateful and feel so blessed.

August 6, 2012: BT has a bead

My energy is shifting with the help of the bead. My heart chakra is opening up often and hugely. And I seem to release and forgive even the hardest challenges. The new lessons are about breath and accompanying what I envision. This is changing how my Akashic Readings are flowing. I am very happy.

August 05, 2012: GZ has water

Well I must say It sure has been intense.  So many things.  In the morning I take it before my meditation practice and it really raises up my vibration causing more intense kriyas and really slows down my mind and increases my ability to concentrate. At night time when I start relaxing into sleep , so many memories and samskaras are surfacing out of the depths of my body tissues and showing up in my dreams.  And when I awake at different times in the night I feel my energy blocks being worked out and fresh new colorful energy springing out of those areas. I also have zero motivation to do anything but meditate and lounge.   Everything is much slower.  It really stones me out sometimes but I know there is a lot of healing I am doing internally so I don’t mind taking it easy for a while in my condo cave : ) So far it has been quite satisfying and interesting. Thanks again for the opportunity to partake in this Holy experiment!

August 2, 2012: EO has water

Hi my name is EO and i have used the elixir for a few days and noticed some distinct changes a real loving energy and it seems to have a feel of the infinite.

July 22, 2012: HS

The first time EG told me about Navapashanam it sounded great but not for me. Now, hindsight, I can say I was influenced when we talked about it. I dreamed a lot of nightmares and felt as if my time was over; there were no more in this life I was able to learn. I got the desire to die.
It felt like a resistance in me and I wondered why I felt nothing for this sacred water I was offered. I accepted the situation and let go. Later I was in a light meeting of EG, which I have been many times. This time I had a huge resistance to participate, it felt throughout the body. My body just wanted to sleep. I was in the light meeting and sat there with my enormous resistance and suddenly during a meditation, this appeared up a word in my head, Navapashanam. At first I did not understand but something felt throughout my body.
EG played at that moment “I surrender all to Jesus”. Something touched me in my entire being and I could not stop myself from taking a few drops of Navapashanam Elixir that Eva has in the light meeting for us to try. It felt like part of my resistance dropped at that moment. At the meeting’s end, I told EG about my experience. EG picked up a bottle of Navapashanam essence to me and when I got it in my hand the tears started flowing and my whole body shook. Navapashanam has helped me through my dreams to clear the old but also in the present, it is just for me to understand and accept me what comes. I understand that I am free to walk my own path and live my own truth. Being observant and take one step at a time. Navapashanam helps me understand that the awareness suffering disappears.

July 19, 2012: GZ: Has water

Thank you so much for the Navapashanam water.  I received it last weekend and wanted to wait until I tried it before I emailed you.  I’ve used it for this past week and have had quite visionary experiences with it mostly, I think, with the beings in the lineage where the water is connected to.  Also, it is very effective at quieting my mind and lifting my vibration (of course you already know this).  I do feel the experiences that this water invoked in me are worth exploring further.

July 11, 2012: CI: Bead Carrier

Thank you very much. And I hope it’s all well with you. So much it’s happening and it’s so difficult to explain all that happens to me…but I feel happiness and love all the time even when it’s sometimes is hard. Yesterday I had an experience. It was something huge that lift me up in a cage to his heart. When i was there in the cage in his heart I just explode the whole cage and it felt like I was the heart and that I was in the heart. The whole earth, universe everything was in my heart and in the same time in his heart. It was so amazing an full of love. I was in a state between awake and sleep. Lots of love and blessings – Hari Om – Om Namah Shivaya

July 07, 2012: DMcB: has water – (England)

Ron, I’ve met up with BW a few times while she has been in the UK. I am going to document my experiences of the Navapashanam water. I am now off my anti-depressants completely since taking it. I am Most grateful to you.

June 19, 2012: DC has Holy Water

! I don’t know if it’s because I know I take the Holy Water – placebo – but I can definately feel a difference. As you wrote, it is a kind of jet fuel. I can feel the energy moving around my body much more now, when I meditate. And a couple of times, my third eye chakra has almost been bouncing… so it feels. So I will say it’s going very good:)

May 25, 2012: TD has Holy Water

Thank you for sending the Navapashanam.  I have actually stopped taking it, as of Monday.  I was having headaches, stomach aches, etc..  I take a small assortment of supplements, adding new stuff at intervals. I will begin the Nava again after reintroducing it without the variety of supplements to see if it makes a difference.  Have you and others experienced headaches and stomachs issues with this Holy water?  If so, what is it related to and how do I manage this effect?
Answer: Read ‘Ongoing Reports’ WWW.Discerning-Wisdom.Com Inside Navapashanam button on the upper left side of the web page.

May 23, 2012: EG is bead carrier

After taking the Holy Water, having close interaction with the Divine Beloved Master Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddhar, been taken on a deep endless journey with Him, I just want to give you feedback from a deep experience after having “The Universe and the Light of the Stars come through me” /Rumi

I am tired..worn-out…I have no breath left to take. Is there anything else left to fulfill, what is the point? Where am I going? LOST….I am LOST, overtaken, obsessed… liberated, free? I am waiting for my courage…lost forever to GOD. I am hanging on in my pinkie finger trying to stay in security (of what), forceful resistance to surrender to my Father.

Please God, take me!

I am so tired, I have been wandering for so long through so many deserts, when will they ever finish? I am LOST for ever…tired and wour-out I am keeping an uneven fight with God…I surrender, let go…maybe I let go again…and again and again as I always do…the candle in my heart has burnt out in both ends…there is nothing left…My God what have I done…my destiny was sealed long before I even knew it…cannot get away anymore…bits and pieces is starting to falling from what I once thought was my identity…I bow to You Shiva, The Divine Mother, I bow to Thee oh Lord and I give my self as a sacrifice to You, I give you my Soul. I give you my life and I am dying for you, over and over again.

May 22, 2012: CI is a bead carrier

The door bell rang outside a man stood. He gave me a note wish it stands that his little girl was sick with a heart problem. He wants so sell painting pictures. I ask in silence my heart if it’s true. And it felt like truth. Immediately my heart said give him a bottle of Navapashanam. I said that I have no money at home but that I have a gift for him if he wants it.

I go to my bedroom and took a Navapshanam-bottle and hold it in front of him. I saw in his eyes that he wants it. I said to him that if he wants this holy gift from God I will give it to him and that it could help his daughter. He askt if he should take it on his daughters chest. I said that he could do that and open the bottle and took out a drop and took it on my chest. I ask him again if he wants this. Yes he said and took the battle and thanks for it. And I said again its a gift from God.

May 18, 2012: TD has water

I’m keeping a journal. It’s filled with thoughts and feeling words barely describe. I feel that I’m in the presence of God. As I focus my attention on what it feels like to experience the nature of the Navapashanam, I’m drawn in; I come up close and personal into this enormous presence of love. Feels like an eternity of holiness acknowledging “my” presence. I don’t use any prescription/non script drugs. I don’t use alcohol nor smoke anything. I’m vegan. I rarely take aspirin… I say this help you understand my basic lifestyle.

May 12, 2012: CS is a bead carrier

Papa was very present from the very beginning of this meditation gathering. In this meditation Papa came to me in a very calm and sober way and hand over a golden key, the key to my heart of hearts. I saw my Heart of Hearts…observed that it was much smaller than my human heart. He showed me, and I saw the way, this thin, sharp straight beam of light, going straight up…and suddenly I was somewhere so very over and beyond…

…looking in to something new…some place so big and so very endless…for me in a new way…everything was in totally silence… so still in this new beginning…I don’t think I was breathing, no need to…(strange I think now when Im writing)…as I remember it it was like that for a hole while, like time standing still in this silence…and then I realized how terrible small I am…and in the same time how enormously big I am when I’m one whit this new big big Universe. So new to me..feeling like a newborn and in the same time very old….after a little while it felt familiar…been here?!

(but now in this writing time I guess I haven’t been there…) in some point here I guess my brain starts to work again or it absolutely did not!? but I knew my life here in this world has no purpose…because the insight that “I CAN`T HELP ANYONE”…getting so scared and felt such a big and deep deep grief, a very big lost for me (ego now I wonder) I cried…and cried…and cried…this grief came from the bottom of me and felt like it will never end…can never ever feel happiness or joy again…how can I go on…how can I cope whit this…my daily mantra for several years now has been: “I’m sending Love and Light to all beings and all situations that comes in my way today” …and now this is gone…has no meaning, doesn’t work..felt so empty, so lonely, so lost, so helpless…so scared and I wonder is this spiritual way just for a person’s self-interest? ..and here I am some days later…don’t really know what happened. I know I’m changed in a deeper layer, but can’t tell how. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad. I’m in the Land of not knowing nothing. I was a person that always have opinions, now I don’t have…I can feel this silence in me now when I reflect. I hope it will bring some order in me as time goes by, but if it doesn’t its ok, I guess I can cope in some way some day. Whit all Respect to Bogar, Papa, Navapashanam, The Divine Mother

May 09, 2012: TD has water

I received the Navapashanam in Charlotte NC today. I did a Sankulpa remembrance and took a small amount; half an ounce, maybe. It feels like all that’s good in the world, in a bottle. I immediately felt joy. I’m still feeling joyous after 6 hours . I felt like playing and laughing. Singing and dancing. Yet, my life is extremely stressful and today was no exception up to the point of N. I was slightly off balance for 15 minutes as if I weren’t integrated in my physical body correctly. Something has changed an immediate shift. I haven’t meditated regularly in years but I will do this daily. You have given me a bright light, I wish I knew the poetry of the twilight language, all the songs would be dedicated to you and everyone who supported bringing this into the West.

May 2, 2012: CS: Bead Carrier About the holy water-I feel like a different person, but still the same. One week ago I had an experience, very powerful. I woke up in the morning that my heart was vibrating and I saw my heart chakra like a big disc, and it vibrates for at least 10 min. Just lying there, enjoying, feeling and watching. Felt and knowing I was being one with the Universe and God!!!:) Hard to describe, as usual… Now people I don’t know stop me (women as well) and say I’m beautiful. Eva said to me , something happened whit you, you are so beautiful inside and outside, you have gone somewhere above… I have not told her what happened yet, because of no time to talk about that…but I will tell her…
Dear Ron, thank you!!
I have a friend how started, and my husband have one bottle but he hasn’t started yet, but I know he will some day. When showing it to him he spontaneous said yes to it. I love that!!!

April 27, 2012: DL is a Bead Carrier

My neighbors have noticed a sudden glow in me. They asked what’s up and I told them. They are now interested in the nav and started to drink it tonight. Yipppee!

April 19, 2012: Y-MB has Water

MB: As you know, I have been ingesting Navapashanam through water. I have had clarity of mind. The first day I began the journey I was thinking in Sanskrit……I have been incredibly tired. Is that a side affect? It feels like I could sleep for years…….I have been taking about 5 to 6 ounces a day. I have two more bottles to go. Well, please let me know what you know about the fatigue.

RH: Slow down some: 3 oz a day omly

Y-MB: Why does it do that? Why fatigue? Why headaches? Is it tearing down the system to rebuild? Why the symptoms?

RN: Yes fatigue, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea etc.

RH: Navapashanam Produces Shaktipat or Shakti which is A Vibration. The strength frequency of the Vibration alerts every cell in the body; like a wakeup call. Waking up to What! Waking up to Your Potential, Ultimate Reality That is Who You Are. So, the Body Is vibrating at a rate and speed. As It is bombarded with the Shakti, It wants to move toward that Shakti! To the extent that the body is able It reacts to throw off, eliminate, detox, cleanse from a lifetime, and lifetimes of Vasanas and Samskaras. The reactions you are noticing/feeling is your body’s response to move into a deeper alignment with Shakti. Everyone has a individualized response to Navapashanam based on who you are, what you have done in this life and past.

April 18, 2012: SRob: has water “Navapashanam Is Pure Love, a solid form of Shaktipat”, because in the last few days, when I first wake up in the morning, I feel a very distinct vibration in my lower spine that seems to be Kundalini! April 07, 2012 – PZZ- has water It is little Bizarre but since i came from your office after drinking Navapashram there are so may cuts on my lips and they are bleeding. I can’t talk i can’t speak because they are in really bad condition. I could not sleep the whole night yesterday because of pain of bleeding in my lips. I am sure you noticed that when i was in your office there were no cuts on my lips and i was talking like a normal person. I don’t know what to say? It is in such a bad shape i don’t know how am i going to the office tomorrow with so many cuts on my lips.It is so painful now. Just wanted to let you know. May be it didn’t happened because of water but i don’t know.

RH: Stop water for 3 days, then tell how lips are!

April 2, 2012:2: FBB: has water

Started it 3 days ago; taking it at least once daily. Noticed increase in dreams; asking for clarity in order to understand their messages. My foot is healing nicely and I am returning to full-tiime work tomorrow.

April 1, 2012: RE – has water

I’m so afraid and at the same time? I’m totally ecstatic. I ‘had’ been on 4 different medications for the last 5 years regarding my Lupus. I am now only on 1! And coming off of the meds was so natural. It’s like my body didn’t need them. What I’m saying? The Water WORKS!!!!!!!! I feel so good! I have been religious about taking my 1 ounce in the am and then another ounce in the afternoon or early evening. You’ve once again saved my life. This time in ways I couldn’t believe existed.

March 21, 2012: CI has water

Navapashanam has helped me be more calm, confident in myself.Notice it in my meetings with people. Also in the meeting with myself. My sweating has become so much less. Before they came several times per day and now maybe once a day or less. It is so positive that these purges will soon be over. Lots of love to have the opportunity to taking Navapashanam. I am so grateful.
Hari Om Tat Sat

21 February 2012 EI: Has water

It was the first time I took Navapashanam were when my daughter CI gave it to me. My pain in the back disappeared like magic. I got a larger red mark on my arm then CI took a drop of Navapashanam on that and the red mark disappeared. Then I took Navapashanam of a couple of times but without being really friends with it. I had several conversations with CI and realized that I really not understood how I would use Navapashanam when I realized that I started again. And I was really satisfied.

So March 4th, I had arrived to begin with earnest. I took a drop. It was evening. When I had gone, I had heart palpitations, which I did not know I had before so I was referring to the phenomenon of the drop. I been so grateful to Navapashanam who teaches me so much. I continued to take Navapashanam the morning after.

On March 5, Did Navapashanam morning noon and night. During the day I got on three occasions to go to the bathroom with a big purges. All Thanks to Navapashanam I got headache that later disappear.

On March 6. Took Navapashanam in the morning and at dinner tonight. I woke up early in the morning and had a purge like sore throat and my nose ran. But went to my physiotherapist for training my muscles. I know that all purge is thanks to Navapashanam.

On March 7, I took Navapashanam on three occasions. Navapashanam still working with me and I am happy for that. On March 8 Took Navapashanam morning dinner tonight. And thank to a dream I had so that I be more clear about things.

Feb 15, 2012: She has water

Yesterday, the second day with the drops I felt so much energy. Today when i woke up I felt totally different in a positive way. Hard to describe but i felt bigger and more pure. Not bigger in size of my physic body just bigger in my soul and one whit the Universe. A few hours later I am feeling tired but calm.

February 12, 2012: S: She has water

…… is beautiful and I feel younger!!

January 26, 2012: EG (Sweden)-Has water

This is my third day with Navapashanam Elexir. I have felt my heart chacra moving, I have been in tears as my heart is releasing lower energy. Pain has appeared very suddenly in fingers and in my legs but disappears very fast. My heart is longing deeper than ever for God. I feel more connected than ever to God, I can feel how the energy from the Elexir vibrates within my cells.

I don’t need so much sleep and today I have much more energy than I usually have. My heart feels as it is on fire and the intent I set before taking the Elexir gives me deep sense of Joy and Peace.

February 6, 2012: EG has water

I have not been writing for a long time now because I have been to hospital for operation. I would like to tell you what an incredible help I have had to heal the wound while taking Navapashanam Elixir during this time. The wound healed very quickly and I could feel how my body worked in every cell to put all together again.

Also there has been so much emotions coming up to the surface for me to face, old pattern that shows to me so that I can let go more easily with this.

This is the 15th day of taking Navapashanam Elixir and it keeps bringing up emotions out of my heart, a lot of dreams at night, sometimes nightmares.

For all this I am very grateful.

February 1, 2012: DR has water

The Navapashanam elixir continues to expand and do its work here in Texas. The local healers are using it not only for their own benefit, but also for their clients. The Navapashanam jojoba oil is now being used for scalp massages regularly. The N. coconut oil is being used for cooking and skin care. The benefits of drinking the water is now being recognized and there is going to be a meeting to discuss its impact on people’s lives. This meeting has been called by the people who are regularly using Navapashanam. Interesting. I’ll be invited, I’m sure, since I’m supplying everyone’s Navapashanam.

January 18, 2012: EG:

I feel now is the time to tell you what I have experienced since you gave me the information about Navapashanam. One day after I got you email about Navapashanam, I saw within my third eye a man with a lot of hair and beard in front of me, holding a kind of necklace. It was made of a string and something very small as a little stone and with a yellowish color, hanging from it.

I asked the man if I could wear this around my neck and he put it on me. I am sure this was Navapashanam. From that moment my heart chakra started to “move” and sorrow, grief and anger has arisen since then. I have been in tears now and then from that moment. I also have cleansing symptoms as pimples in my face. Directly after the man put the necklace around my neck I went out for having dinner with 6 of my clients. That was an experience to remember, they all seem to be very happy and “high” as you can be when the vibration is very high, one girl sitting beside me, complained of having aces in her heart (as I had). They have now all asked me what it was all about since they are now having the same things as I have, cleansing symptoms.

January 15, 2012: TT and John

Yes the holy water was amazing! I must admit when I first started drinking the small 4 ounces every morning, my eye started to swell, what was so intriguing was that you had already warned me that might happened, so before I even started to drink the water, I informed John that I may have some minor discomfort for awhile, eye swelling, lip puffing, etc. So when he saw what had happened to my eye, he wanted to partake in drinking it as well. Although he showed no effects to it, both us of was soon in a good feeling state. We felt purified and much more open to our surroundings. It really did make us feel like we were doing interior cleaning… it gave us both spiritual salvation and wisdom for prosperity.

January 11, 2012: BT has a Navapashanam Bead

The jojoba oil Navapashanam is really effective. We are using it in massage and scalp treatments. The scalp treatments show immediate cognitive improvement. The Maha Ananda oil has recently removed a breast cancer lump during a massage.

January 10, 2012: MB & AB have water and M-state

We are doing Really good. AB has been regular in his use of M-state. Navapashanam is going well too. There is a sense of overall well being.

January 07, 2012: LM has a Navapashanam Bead

I am doing great! My elixir has begun to allow a huge shift in my body of energy and soon I’m going to take off like a rocket.

January 7, 2012: Mia has water

My dreams are more vivid than ever since I started to take the Holy Water, I dream about a mountain and growl and stones are falling from the mountain in front of me on the road I am walking on. I think this is the work I need to with myself. My feelings are stronger and also more intense. The Holy water has opened my heart so that I cry more easily, tears are flooding. I can see that I have difficulties to accept and embrace love that comes to me. I feel sad and disappointed over myself that I have treated myself this way in my whole life. I can see this more clear now. Also I have still fears and trauma after my riding accident, it comes to my mind over and over again like a movie. I clean my house as a reflection of the cleansing going on.

I have arranged so a riding teacher will now come and help me with this. I need it to be done now. I can feel my body is acing of all my emotions coming up to the surface. The Divine is strong and very present; especially I can feel Mother Mary strongly within me. I am doing an essence to honor her. Thank so you so much for the Holy Water. Big hugs Mia

January 4, 2012: AM has water only

Here is a summary of what I said today about recent Navaprashanam experience:

On at least two occasions when my heart was in atrial fibrillation, I swallowed the Navaprashanam water and said my affirmations, and within a couple of minutes, my heart returned to sinus rhythm. The most recent time I seemed to fall so immediately and deeply into such a relaxed, meditative state that–within two minutes–it was as if I suddenly woke up and discovered the fibrillation was gone.

Jan 2, 2012: GP-has water

I have noticed more purple light in the forehead. I love the setting the intention before ingesting Navapashanam — it keeps the focus on the highest goal. I have also used it for little aches here and there, it does work too.

January 2, 2012: AH has water

Thought you’d be interested. since using the written intention instructions, I see improvement in all areas… body, mind and spiritual. Everything has greater focus. This feels so good.

December 29, 2011: NMcM – Beads

I am undergoing what is probably the most profound change I have ever experienced as a result of receiving the Navapashanam beads. It has taken me several months to even begin to put together a basic idea of what is unraveling before me. It has brought about a huge upheaval, and events conspired that resulted in the revelation of some hidden thought structures and self destructive beliefs that I did not know I possessed, nor did I see how these beliefs were controlling my life.

So when they began to emerge, I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, WW told me that you said not to wear the beads at night. This helped to slow down the imminent demise of protective ego structures slated for destruction, at least so I could function in the world. It is taking a long time to articulate what is happening, but I am changing in ways I could not have imagined. It seemed I was holding on by a thread. I need to write this all down as a chronicle of how this transformation is progressing. Many blessings to you for the grace of this unfolding.

December 29, 2011: GM – has water

While I use so many things at once (Melamine, brain sprays, vibrational stuff, and channel Galexis), I do think the N water is assisting my level of bliss. I know there is a powerful consciousness available there, because a few nights ago, I was about to go to bed. I hadn’t taken my N water and had totally forgotten it, when a voice in my head that I didn’t recognize said strongly “Take some Navaprasanam!” I was tired and not wanting to go back into the kitchen and get it, so I continued getting ready for bed. ‘Go get some Navaprasanam NOW” insisted the voice. “Okay, okay!” I said. I’d gotten that it was important not to skip a night, and so I went back to the kitchen and took it. I don’t know what it did especially, but if I get that strong of a message, then I know SOMETHING powerful is happening with it! Thank you for bringing it to me/us/all of us here in LA.

December 28, 2011: RF has water

Here are some comments about your Navapashanam water. For me, the ritual is a reminder of the oneness and connectivity with all and a re-calibration with wellness. Thank you so much for sharing

December 22, 2011: JM – Has water

Navapashanam Elixir is quick-acting with small, physical kinds of things. Takes a lot longer with more complex things.

December 20, 2011: DL: Has beads

I looked at myself in the mirror today. Sometimes is off. I look grey. My inner feels fantastic but my body is still fighting something very old. I can see it. I wondered if it was just something coming up to be released but it still feels like an old infection is in me. I don’t remember if I told you I got a mouth infection from the dentist. He hit me badly with his blade. He’s a good guy and I’ve used him for years. I told him and we have talked twice. I have been on antibiotics. Not a suing kind of thing, a more honest mistake than not. I also did a huge job this weekend in the neighborhood. A black hole opened up and the pit of darkness that came out of there was ancient. It was full of uglies and one of the oldest seen by me ever. It took 48 hours so I’m sure that has had it’s affect on my energy body. My guides are celebrating the release from this universe. Old, deep work. Lots. Otherwise doing fine. I’m putting Ormus on the area of my cheek, along with nav spray and some essential oils to carry all deeply. I still have to get your pkg. to you with the Navapashanam homeopathic.

December 12, 2011: DR has water

Dear Swaha Ron, I wanted you to know I tried this Blessed Water and had an experience right away, so much so that all three us will now use it and I am keeping a record. This is just beautiful, what Blessings and sharing, thank you with all Love. OM Namo Narayane, Swaha, Diane

December 07, 2011: DL has water

I have not missed a day of taking Navapashanam and even doubled the portions recently. No change in energy, stiffness or pain. Still resonate with the possibility. I sent some to my friend Sandy in Michigan. She has noticed an improvement in her emotional balances.

November 27, 2011 RH has water

What a delight it was to be in your presence on Friday. I really appreciate the experiences that we share and the resonance that develops. And thank you for the energized water! Friday night I had about 3-4 ounces before I went to sleep. Woke up with some interesting and powerful dreams. One particular where I was surveying all this STUFF on shelves in a warehouse part of my home (like an extended area, a little reminiscent of how my father stored lots of nuts / bolts / tools / etc … not used much but not thrown away. I was concerned about WHAT TO DO with all this stuff … how to sell, move, discard, store it … when all of a sudden I realized “I can just LEAVE it here … and I don’t have to deal with it.” What a wonderful and easy solution. No upset. Just freedom. Saturday had 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces in the evening. Found in the evening that I seemed to have more energy than those around me. Also spent some time Saturday night decoding issues associated with my intuitive sense that my blood was deficient in some hormone it needed … and concluded last night that it was from the parathyroid. Sunday morning — more dreams, with more options showing up easily about “what to do”.

Also– when I took another 3 ounces of water this morning, I set intention for healing the parathyroid function among other things …. then meditated and transformed the issues I had decoded last night. Carrying out my intention for healing also felt empowered.

November 22, 2011: DL has a bead

Well, I went to the dental surgeon yesterday and he said my xray made his week. All the bone has grown back except one spot. The eye doc had the opposite to say. My eyes have really slipped. I ordered some strong glasses cuz I can’t see. I expect it back but for now, I can’t read or drive without something anymore. My hands and arms are hurting a lot but my back is better, I feel younger though.

November 15, 2011: GM, has water and held 27 bead mala

The last time I was there with you, I returned home after holding the beads, and all I wanted to do in life was just meditate and hang out in the bliss.

October 26, 2011: DL – has water

Short report of my experience of drinking Navapashanam for 26 days. I have almost no energy or interest in doing anything other than sleeping, eating, watching tv and praying. Even writing this email was very difficult to compose.

Response: Interesting, apparently you are hibernating in a healing cocoon!

October 23, 2011: T friend of Mj c

I took one ounce of the water for the first time on Sunday and i had a pretty amazing day, however, i also did several other things on Sunday that i really enjoyed so who knows what is the catalyst here. Maybe i had those other experiences because of the water. But whatever it is I’m grateful for wherever it comes from. So thank you for sharing it with me. I will continue to investigate.

October 18, 2011: MB & AB have water

We are good on water for now. There is nothing that’s obvious but we feel that there is a subtle shift in our relationship. We are both more understanding of each other and therefore more at peace. We are hoping for more obvious signs of change. Is that an unrealistic expectation?

Answer: Your karma and intensity of your sadhna is the rudder on signs!

October 17, 2011: LE has water

The water is all gone and I’m fine. I haven’t had any incidents for quite some time now except for something really very strange happened just this past week. It happened three times that I can remember. As I was lying on my right side ready for bed, I heard a very clear male voice whisper in my ear. He said “I came by your house the other day but you weren’t home” The other was a feeling that someone reached inside my head and shook my brain for a split second. The third whisper was illegible but I was sure that there was someone there talking in my ear. Really strange huh? Is this something that I could use the water for? I remember you asked that I spread the water on my doorways, windows etc. Would you suggest that I do this again?

October 17, 2011: JD has water

It seems to be enlivening the state of Presence and attracting the understanding of Presence very nicely. I am also feeling and seeing more beauty each day.

October 15, 2011: AM has water

Here is also my statement about the helpfulness of the Navaprashanam water: “Since I started doing affirmations with the Navaprashanam water, I have had significant improvements in my health and my life in general. My hips, for example, are level for the first time I can recall, which has thoroughly surprised my doctors and opened the door for more spine healing as well. I tried for years to get this to happen. I walk and think differently as a result of the change too. Consistently repeating affirmations of expectation of a positive future has also helped me to trust more in the Source of Life and to persevere with challenges for which I had no answers. Those answers are now emerging. It is a blessing to know that my life today is still being supported by the lives of others who remain generous and loving in the present.”

October 12, 2011: KM has water

Hi RH, I just returned from retreat. I was on Orcas island at a sound healing retreat with Tom Kenyon. I took the Navapashanam before and after the retreat. I really helped to ground me in light. I feel very strange. I feel all my cells opening and changing. My process is very very deep and I needed to clear it out side of the city. I am going to take the dose you suggested also. I am waiting for reports back from others. I keep smelling honey everywhere I go and Im seeing bees even though its been to cold for them? Blessings, KM

October 10, 2011

At the last check up my doctor reported that my kidney functions came up again. I go back around Nov 14th. I am getting good results. I was told my Hepatitis C came back, no way of knowing how long I have not been tested since finishing interferon treatment in 1999. My liver functions are normal so far. My shoulder is still giving me problems ,but I am grateful for the progress I have made so far. Again I thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I am still using the elixir twice a day.

October 5, 2011: AM – She has water

Following a series of events, my pelvis has become nearly level for the first time. The PT said it is a breakthrough for helping my spine heal.

August 16, 2011: BP has water

I’ve taken it for four days so far. The first time I got this intense vibration of my skull cap. It lasted about ten minutes. Then I had some good creative clarity afterwards. The second and third times I felt a lot of energy in my head, vibrating and digging its way into the cells. Then I felt it cascade down to my body. Generally I’ve been feeling stronger emotionally and physically.

August 15, 2011: MK – fb – has water

I started to use the water 8 days ago. I can tell you it is very good for my skin. I started drinking it yesterday, a smal amount, after the full moon.

August 12, 2011

MW & NW:
Our reports are subtle. NW would like more if possible. My intentions seemed manifest in that I prayed to rid my cells of all anger if and when I may experience any anger in or around me. I seem to be very stable in those regards. NW is very balanced as well. I asked him how he felt different. He didn’t have an answer other than a ton of love for me. We did not experience any physical sensation or other sensory inputs. I would say rather the energized oil was like a dear old friend helping to melt and transmute in ways that are graceful for our system. Also I believe it helped with integration with the teachings and our practice. The prize is the dissolving of anger. Betrayals and distortions are ramped in my family an yet I seem completely without anger. There is a void in place of that anger and then truth is seen and then compassion is felt, Then neutral, So subtle and profound. I seem no different really other then I observed I am different. I hope this makes sense. Have a great trip my friend. May your journey be full of great adventure and Blessings!

Both knees began to hurt… put Navapashanam water on cloth and gently applied to each knee… stating the intent…with 20 minutes I walked pain free out the door. That says it all.

August 08, 2011

Somebody had a problem with her stomach. inflamated…i gave it to her….and it seemed to help her i used it a couple of other times too….for general and overall wellness on SB, son, when he suffered mild flu and it helped.

He reports his manhood has woken up. He also from a ruptured appendix 50 years ago gangrene developed and has been persistent until recent; the gangrene is gone.

I thank you a lot an appreciate for your caring and kindness to get me feel better, have the energy and feeling young. Drinking the healing water twice a day made me sleep like a baby which I struggled to have a good night sleep for a year due to hormonal in balance. My insomnia is gone! My first night I drank the healing water, I had a restful deep sleep and I felt energized, rested and rejuvenated the following morning and that continues every night until now! I love to sleep and having 8 hours sleep is fantastic, awesome!! More productive at work, happy and relax and youthful. Never had this feeling ever before and I am enjoying and celebrating it every day! I am grateful to you RH for my holistic healing! An instant relief and instant vacation!

After receiving the Healing Water, I started to use it right away. I would say my intentions before I drink a shot glass of it and say again my intentions after I take it. I noticed that it calms me down. I feel unwind and relax. I can sleep soundly through the night. I also asked my husband to try it because he’s suffering from arthritis. I asked him to do the same as I did and also to massage a little bit of the Healing Water on the pain. He felt the pain was subsiding slowly.

I want to thank you for introducing me to this nice water. Ever since I started drinking this water, I noticed that I have more energy, I am able to sleep, I don’t have that feeling of fear to face my ex-roommates or the world. I have more confident. I feel much better. Before I was feeling lost. Now I feel that I found myself again. At the beginning I was feeling dizzy, after my third drink that side effect went away. I guess my body was not used to this new water. I feel more positive and content.

reports feeling more and more like she’s “coming from the spaces”, and that she experiences this increasingly every time she drinks the water. She also has a greater sense of “clarity”, which has been the focus of her intention. It’s the space between thoughts, between cells, between atoms. The void, pure awareness, silence. The eternal presence that shines through the cracks in our thick world, our thick heads.

Reports that there is a greater sense of ‘P’urpose. It was always there now it seems like there is more of a conscious connection.

Reports that there is a greater sense of ‘P’urpose. It was always there now it seems like there is more of a conscious connection.

Reports a greater sense of ‘P’urpose behind all that is being done.

August 07, 2011

Taking the water I mostly feel peaceful and happy. The pain in my feet and hands went away. I noted the pain in my body moved around to old sites that had been injured and healing regenerative energy was releasing trauma. I feel stronger now and can exercise and walk without pain. I have been more loving and peaceful with family and coworkers. Meditations are deep. It is quicker to tune in and get a reading in the healing work that I do. My pineal gland is higher functioning. I can access higher consciousness and states more easily. True Source Creator showed me how spirit descends into matter and the codes of light above the Earth and each continent that effects us. I have more inner-sight and more intuition. I was having an allergic reaction to my environment and red burning itching and dry eyes. I used drops the doctor gave me. I tried using Navapashana Water Drops in my eyes and it burned at first, but got relief. This also caused my inner vision to open up visualizing patterns of light in Technicolor. I also experience lucid dreams in bright color. Thank you papa for the Transformational Alchemical Blessing of Navapashana Water!

August 06, 2011

*The actual daily focus on changing my beliefs and emotions in the company of the water, its energy, and the lineage that brought it to me changes my belief baseline and radically opens up beliefs and expectations about the future as well as the future itself.

*I have received more understanding of physical problems, explanations for long-standing pain and dysfunction, with ways at a physical level to work with them.

*I am shifting emotionally so that I am becoming more aware of how many other beings I can consciously recognize and invite to participate with me, and I with them, on my/our path.

*It helps me with fear, helps translate it into hope and positive expectation.

In addition to the increased AFib, I almost passed out the other day due to the increase of the magnetic flux density of the earth/s electromagnetic field and due to the solar changes. The geomagnetic energy, that I am so sensitive to appear to be going in the direction that could bring me critical levels of physical problems. At the suggestion of a friend today, I discovered that the microcosmic orbit is literally applicable in my case, and perhaps I can use the same situation to really grow myself.

August 05, 2011

I pinched my hand lifting a metal cart into my trunk. There was a black and blue mark on my hand one inch across. I spit on my hand immediately and rubbed a Navapashanam bead on the spot that got brused. There was so much pain tears came to my eyes. This was at 9:00AM. By 10:30AM when I next looked at my hand the injury was gone, the black and blue was gone.

Hey thank you very much. I think there may be some emotional and self-image issues that are being affected on a very subconscious level so the effects seem very subtle.

August 04, 2011 – JC is (1 yr 2 months into a 3.5 year cancer treatment: age 17)

I am curious if you, so far, have any sense of any kind about the Navapashanam and healing?

Well I’m not sure if you consider it healing but it seems to make me more energetic and upbeat.

Anything about sleeping easier?

I totally forgot about that part. I have actually had a much easier time falling asleep but that may just because I have been doing more during the day due to the boost in energy. I still wake up a lot during the night though.

MK is JC’s mother
JC is sleeping MUCH better, only awakens once or twice a night. Very very good. I am drinking the water—seems like I am cycling on energy.

When the body swell, lip, tongue, eye etc. it is the result of overwhelming the body in detox and clearing. When this happens, swelling, back off drinking water until the swelling goes down then start drink water again.

August 03, 2011

I came back from Europe yesterday and Navapashanam was waiting for me… I felt its energy as soon as I opened the box. I put the bottle on my altar, and I can feel its sacredness. I have not tried it yet, I first need to keep it there for a day or two and look at it and talk to it and feel it… I feel so blessed.

Thank you so much for this amazing gift.

July 28, 2011- CP in Australia

Thanks so much for the gift. It arrived Friday morning 2 weeks ago as I was going to do consultations at a local Crystal Shop. The day or two before I had been feeling dry and stressed in the throat and chest and I was concerned it may turn into something more. I decided to take the box to where I was working. I was not fully clear on the instructions and how they related to the water and oil. So I took one drop out of the small oil bottle and 8 drops out of the water bottle. 2 minutes later the lady at the store asked me what I was thinking and was looking at me strangely. I realized I was standing in the shop totally grounded in my body, deeply focused and at peace. I had been energetically put right back in my body and I felt powerful, clear and still. The lady had noticed the energetic change. All the discomfort had left my body and I was very clear in the consultations. I felt completely present. Later in the afternoon I felt the stress begin to return. I took a short break and another dose as above. All the stress left immediately. The next day I was completely recovered and have had no symptoms. Over the two weeks the dramatic change has not recurred. I feel it realigned my energy body with my physical body. What has continued to develop is a heightened sense of clarity in my thinking, a feeling of being strong and grounded and a willingness to be myself whatever that means in the moment. I have had dreams each night that are very clear with many of them being intense (yet not too intense) and obviously healing fundamental issues. I am finding great insight into my life now, and I know it is real because it is so obvious and comes so easily. I am either not affected by others negativity or become aware of it quickly and am willing to deal with it without apology. There is a deep sense of discovering my adult, going through a process of regeneration and “growing up”. At the same time I retrieved the crystals I had stored in Australia while I was in USA, including two magnificent and highly conscious spheres You see their pictures on the left and right of my regular email header (and below).

My sense of connection with them and our communication over the last 2 weeks has been exceptional, aided by the clarity the water has activated. We have been working together nonstop since they came out of storage and they are sitting in a magnificent crystal grid for abundance behind my laptop as I type. They both say “Hi” and send you blessings. As a trained scientist and alchemist, with wide experience of advanced energetic oils and homeopathic remedies, I am impressed. The energetic result was immediate for me and continues in a gentle yet deep manner now. I can clearly sense the care, tradition and heritage with which they were created, which adds substance to the light and clarity they bring. So thanks again for this wonderful gift. It has grounded me profoundly and accelerated my work. With gratitude for you and your work.

July 27, 2011

It was so lovely to listen to your journey to India and Switzerland. You are definitely considering some interesting life changes and I am so excited for you ! AND. . . Am grateful you offered to share such a rare, hard earned gift with me and Rumi. Thank you! I had energy and more clarity all day into the evening yesterday. It was so lovely. Thank you for that as well. Your willingness to share of the special water is so very generous and I intend on doing the same. I have a quick question for you:

Saturday morning I have 2 women who will be joining me in focusing our intentions and taking in this special water. I noticed this morning that I have not had nearly the same response that I did yesterday to it. Is it because it was the initial drinking that it was so powerful?

I would like for my roommates to have the same opportunity I did. Or was the formula different from what you gave me yesterday in your office?
In Loving Gratitude

The water is a gift of Love. It ignites the intention you set! It works on many levels and dimensions in different ways. Some people experience immediately amazing things and others more slowly. Some, very profound and others more subtle. When your vibration is shifted to a higher level there is some settling in. And, the initial experiential shift to this new vibration has already happened so re-experiencing it is not going to happen. The SOUL purpose of these Maha Rasayanas is to support your personal meditative sadhana. It is in your personal Sadhana that you will notice the REAL benefits rather than in the rush of a door opening! The water you took with you is the same water you drank, same formula, 27 dips of the Navapashanam Bead. Sit with your intentions; be clear, very clear as to what you want/intend to Be your reality! All is possible, really know that! Thank you for the report. Keep them coming please.

July 26, 2011

Thought I’d give you a what’s going on update of the treated water and my aching bones… I’ve been drinking – with intention – and I think it’s helping more than my physical self. It seems to be giving me a self powered motivation to take better care of myself… this is something I’ve never been too good at before. I’m more mentally centered. It’s a bit difficult to describe as this is rather new to me… but as time goes by I think I’ll be better at finding the words.Just wanted to share this with you. Am so grateful to have this experience.

July 26, 2011

I have enjoyed the water. It does affect my state for the better, particularly if I am very meditative, and as for the rest, lets give it a little more time.

July 25, 2011

Hi RH,
boy yesterday I was crying so much and then felt week after I cried was about feeling loved, and being alone it was so deep. I drank some water after 1/2 oz so I could replenish my energy. Today as I was driving home I just asked for the ego that does not feel loved to be healed and I am feeling a lot better. I feel it will get better, as the days go, but was not easy yesterday.

Feeling Loved is about Being Love itself. As you move into the ‘Heart of Love’ which is the energy of Navapashanam, your heart will open soooo big and you will know.

July 23, 2011

I seemed to fall asleep quicker and did not wake up at all during the night to go to the bathroom. For me, that’s very well at this time. Also, immediately after I drank your water I could feel demonstrable changes in my lower left quadrant where most of the pain appears to stem from with my IBS. It was as if that area of my colon was responding to something different in my system and the only thing different in my system was your water. I’ll continue to use the water and keep you updated on its effects.

July 21, 2011

Good Morning RH feeling better and working through the changes is becoming less and less which is good at work still have the anjna crown and solar thing but is not lasting as long and able to have more balance with that. I am not even at half of the bottle water yet almost there.

Good deal. Set a REAL clear intention write it down and be absolutely clear what you are intending to happen!

July 19, 2011

I have been feeling pretty good. My mood is stable , physically I feel ok. I could use a little more energy and I noticed at the conference this year that a lot more attendees approached me and struck conversations then all the other summits I have attended ( maybe a slight change in my energy field) I go back for more blood and urine in mid August . I may have spotted a couple of good candidates for the tonic.

July 19, 2011

HI was ok today after breakfast and had some balancing with people again bothering me around my anjna and solar chakras mostly. Other than that doing better finding the right amount to take so I am not so sensitive with the upgrades.

The upgrades?

Upgrades haha, I feel a deeper love and my heart is opening more and more is what is happening or what I am feeling.

July 18, 2011

Feeling healed in my energetic bodies and more grounded did not drink any of the water but I am feeling such a balance. I seem to have some fear of being like this getting use to not being in pain. After I ate this morning at work I got sick and threw up what I ate not sure if it is from the food being old or the vitamins? I am affected by my family a lot and have been letting that go of the hurts when that energy is processing through me. Does that make sense? I asked for healing on this as far as to let me feel my family when necessary and not all the time. Also for balancing my ego.

July 18, 2011

Motion, and opening or expansion, some lights, all this is fairly new to me, excepts lights, i have seen them before.

July 18, 2011

I am having an interesting experience working with the water. Initially, while in Texas, there were chakra openings, primarily heart & crown. Last week, I starting doing as you suggested and focused intentions on physical body, emotional body, mental & spiritual body…..within an hour I went into an emotional rage that was triggered by my husband ( poor guy) but was totally to extreme, out of proportion to be related only to the iissue. Later that day I had an Aura pic taken and my aura was hugely expanded, bright yellow with the anger showing up in the lower quadrant as red mixed with yellow and being moved out by the incoming green. Very interesting……I then immediately got sick, and have been for most of the week……I would describe it as a cold, however, it has all the earmarks of a “clearing”… massive processing as I slept a great deal. Things kept coming up for review most especially anger that had been supressed.

I have come to the conclusion that the accumulated anger held at the different levels of being was pushed to release, first with the outburst and then processed out in a physical way. I have to say, I feel very different. I have drunk very little of the water through this process (about every other day) and have for the past two days, had very physical sensations at the crown….prickly, burning, sort of expanding feelings.

July 17, 2011

Do you have suggestions as to making conscious the communications with the electromagnetic energies that we talked about today? I think it’s great to have the communications, but I want to shift the method in which I’m receiving them.

Set that as an intention with Navapashanam!

July 17, 2011

WW & NMcW:
I have been still a bit spacey, and little runs this am, the purification still going on. Much more psychic.

N had continued with profound dreams and neck discomfort.

We will likely be without internet till next monday but will still be taking our water.

July 14, 2011

I have been using the tonic on my knee now for three weeks. I report to you remarkable improvement in it’s function without pain. Before treatment, I had tried everything except surgery. Shots from my ortho doctor and all of the over counter drugs and remedies with no results. I don’t know how it works, but frankly do not care. The results are all that matters to me.

Please pass this on to people who suffer pain.

July 13, 2011

Hi today was interesting at work felt someone trying to get in to my Anjna and body I said no your not welcome here kept praying for this to be healed is better when I am writing this I did drink 2 days in a row of the water also see how I feel when I return home from work if I will drink more today or wait.

July 12, 2011

There has been a shift in me. My heart has opened more towards myself and others, and towards the world in general, as well. My blood pressure and pulse rate have lowered considerably (this morning I think it was 117/76). I am feeling more balanced and calm. I think the fear level I hold now is a healthy one and my attitude feels more positive. It feels like I am seeing through different eyes in a way. My perspective has changed, and I am feeling more centered and closer to truth. I attribute this to a combination of A Course in Miracles and Love Water (as I like to think of it).

July 11, 2011

I met a woman named JY in California who gave me some Navapashanam water that she got from RH. I had wonderful experiences both times I drank the water. The first time I took it I was able to assist in a healing prayer circle with JY for her mother and send healing energy to her (remotely) and I experienced an expanded state of consciousness in which I believe I was really able to work with both JY and her mother on a soul level and create deep healing. It felt as though I went to the quantum level, almost like going back in time and re-establishing the mother-daughter bond that was never properly there to begin with. It was just me, JY, and our friend KX in the healing circle. At one point, towards the beginning, JY’s hand actually “disappeared” from my right hand (like having the ability to pass one’s hand through a wall – it was like her hand literally was not there), for a fraction of a second. Suddenly it dawned on me that a part of JY could not be born yet because her mother did not know how to receive love; once this was received on a soul level, then a bigger part of JY could be born. I was able to get JY’s mother to receive this love and “know” it, and then she was able to give this to JY and I felt as though JY was being reborn. It was a truly beautiful experience and I was honored to assist in it in a major way. I believe that my expanded state was assisted by the Navapashanam water.

So I am very interested in doing more experimentation with it! JY mentioned that RH was looking for nine people to be “ambassadors” for the Navapashanam, if a person felt a calling to this. I am open to this possibility, and would like to learn more about that. I would also be interested in obtaining the beads directly after doing some more experimentation with the water. I may have clients that are open to trying this as well. Please let me know how to proceed with this – I am very excited about it! Also, DL, let me know if there are others trying this here and if there are any discussions occurring surrounding this; if so, I would love to join in.

July 8, 2011

KS: after 1 day
Hi, it is going great. Last night I had some water and my head was a little dizzy for a bit. But not too bad. Then I went to sleep.

July 8, 2011

Has calmed down for me today I put the water in the bedroom on my book case and asked to balance my energetic bodies as I sleep.

July 8, 2011

These are my thoughts around Navapashanam. My experience with the water/elixir has been very positive. I have done ceremony each time I drank it (maybe 8 times, an ounce each time) and each time I felt its energy. My heart would open and I would feel loved and I would radiate love. Shiva appeared to me in my dreams three times. Each time He was open to my thoughts, listening without judging. The last time he appeared with his son, Ganesh. I have been a guest in Ganesh’s temple twice before and he gifted me with a symbol on the back of my hand on the second visit. The goddesses were also there. All of them were supportive of my working with Navapashanam and urging me to move forward. The Navapashanam has opened a new layer to my multidimensional work. Currently I am constructing a Navapashanam/concentric circle broadcast in my backyard. Goodness knows this area needs it! The broadcast area is about 20X20 feet, a 50 foot copper coil filled with Navapashanam, rubber mulch, and three concentric circles of large quartz crystals, plus prayers and intention are being placed. It’s still under construction and I will send pictures when it is completed. It has to be constructed under certain conditions, so I am being patient. And if you have read J.J. Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch, you can see that my home is located in the mind of the Dove. I am comfortable with asking for donations for Navapashanam water. Already I have several people who are interested in having quantities of the water. Once I am making the elixir, I am planning to have gatherings to clear and align our body, minds, spirits. I have a beautiful labyrinth to walk also. The Nanapashanam would be part of that ceremony to reset ourselves to a higher vibration. And I think it is important that participants have Navapashanam elixir to continue drinking for a few weeks afterward. Four times a year I will be having a bigger ceremony using the Navapashanam/Concentric circles. Right now I don’t know what that will be like as every ceremony is gifted in a timely manner according to what is needing to come through. I do know that the first ceremony will be bringing forth a consciousness from a higher plane that will move through 7 crystal skulls to work with us.

July 7, 2011

Tonight I worked with the N. energy again, without drinking any, but simply tuning in to its vibration. Navapashanam is a reminder of who we should be; how it feels to be aligned, open, and in harmony with All. We are meant to be as Navapashanam, alchemy of the highest order. Every aspect of our daily life is meant to be focused upon. We should breathe with intention. We should eat food grown with knowledge, love, and purity. We should divide our days into moments of joy and laughter, meditation and introspection, movement and rest. The receipe for Navapashanam isn’t written down. Its taught through experience based on many factors. We are the same. Our personal alchemy of self-realization can’t be found in a book, on tv, in the newspaper, or even from one teacher. Our self-realization can only be fully reached through love and a willingness to see what is truly real in the world and to participate in that truth to the best of our ability. Drinking N. assists in raising our vibration to this new awareness. Eventually we will be able to sustain the vibration on our own as we integrate our new discoveries into our lives.

Navapashanam is the awakening to our true self. And, I can see another elixir that follows Navapashanam, taking people to a new and higher vibration. And it is coming through you, Ron. Soon. That’s what I got besides a personal message from Ganesh. I love that guy.

July 7, 2011

JF: after two days
Has calmed down for me today I put the water in the bedroom on my book case and asked to balance my energetic bodies as I sleep.

July 6, 2011

Navapashanam on the backbone is powerful energized oils. Thanks for the download. It’s in translation. Much appreciated.

July 6, 2011

I really can’t explain what exactly is going on with my N. Elixir practice but I can say that amazing things have been happening for me inside and outside of my meditations. My meditations seem more alive and I feel like a positive energy is illuminating from me all day while attracting great people and great opportunities to me. In short, I want to keep using the water but I am almost out. Can I please have more?

July 3, 2011

So much is about readiness. I have a wonderful dear friend here. I gave her water for free for her, her family and her daughter. She is from India. She was taken from her mother at birth and was adopted out. There is a long story about it. Mother Theresa signed her birth certificate. I am certain she has had a lifetime as an Indian saint.

She emailed me yesterday thanking me for the water and said that she can’t take it internally. It gives her the jitters. Her guides told her it is because it is from where she was born. So she is sitting in meditation and holding the water bottle on the soles of her feet. It is grounding her and helping her connect with her birth mother, who she has also had quite an intuitive journey with, though not found in person. I have a deep part of her journey or reunion on the inner.

July 2, 2011

BK in Malaysia:
The day the parcel arrived, June 13, 2011 what I notice was there was alot of tape aroung the box….seems like it has gone thru the usual Custom …and

BK June 13 at 6:16am
When i opened there was 1 small bottle sealed with a lot of tape. 1st impression was…has the elixir been tested or God knows if replaced. Anyway i prayed n placed it at my altar. After that day i thought of buying mineral water n follow ur instructions of filling it 9x…it did not happen as i was very busy day n night at work for 2days that …i left it at the altar thinking that i’ll get to drink it as soon as i can…However before i could even drink i started with severe migraine n as i m alone here, i fainted at home n only came to consciousness the following evening n my head n right side of body was in pain. I managed to drive to see my doctor (10minutes) from my house. My blood pressure was very high and my right part of body was in tremors n i was vomiting. After medication n 3 days rest…i came down with fever, the glands at my throat swell and i was unable to swallow even my saliva…again i went to doc unfortunately he had gone outstatn…n i was attended by anthr new doc. again on medication…bp was still high but it seems its normal if i m down with fever…i dont know…i could hardly think. Then i came down with diarhoe…when all this was happening i did not manage to drink the water as i still had to add 9 bottles of water…while my health was bad , body was weak, my boss expected me to work. so again without rest n worst of all even though i completed my work…boss has been upset n angry. Everyone seem distant. I look ok on the outside but inner was weak. then i was made to do outstation job…that’s when fever flu n menses came…by now physically i was drained. i ate very little, med was strong n now am still fighting to regain my strength. work place things have gone worse…boss has even raised his voice on me, despite me having done my work. Everything is like a whirlwind n i can feel lot of negative energy around me like its enveloping me but i keep chanting my mantras. Couple o days agp i stood my ground n of course that made boss more agitated. Tonight I m suppose to be working but again m down with flu n m weak. I knew I cant drive to work. Ron Ji…my family is elsewhere n i m on my own here…i keep strong. my menses just cleared today. Tomorrow I will go to my altar n get the water filled as per ur instructions. then i’ll tek it…n report 2u. But what m feeling is body is hot,n weak. My heart aches of loneliness here and i hate going to work. Anyway I will overcome this. It is really puzzling why since the water arrived my life is like topsu turvy. Due to my weakness, I dont have the urge to take the water…but Pray for me pls…I m going to drink it soon.

RH June 28 at 4:18pm
The water’s energy is already working. Wait to drink until your energy returns and the love in your heart is accepted by your boss at work. You are fine. Some people, my friends had same reaction some shorter some longer. Just know that what is coming out through fever, vomiting, diarehia etc is leaving you for good and as it leaves more space inside is open to express the Love!

You are blessed and all is Good! Be brave and patient!

Swaha Ron

BK June 29 at 12:47am
To Swami Ron Ji. Today had breathing difficulty…everyone kept saying i look very very pale n ghastly…But I am keeping my faith. I am still bearing lot of insult at work. I just found out someone who has been a good friend, has actually been back stabbing me. Hvg gor the information, i kept my patience n prayed God to give me the strength to go on. I dont want to confront this person. I leave it to God. But m wondering if ever the Truth will surface and my name is cleared. I still go on doing my work diligently eventhough i am in poor health now. This person who has tarnished my good name behind mt back…has often asked my help. I have always helped n even prayed for her n her family who were once very ill. Today this is the same person who is still continuing to create problem for me. I am standing strong but my heart is in agony dear. I don’t understd God’s Plan. Why I hv to go thru humiliation when I have followed the True Path. My Guru once did say dat…when such situations occur ,,,it is cleansing of past karmas…but Ron Ji…I am only human…sometimes i feel such a heartache caused by this misery, that i feel unwanted, unloved unworthy and unappreciated. I go into my shell and lick my wounds all alone …However thr r times, i shrug off all my pain n put a brave front.So with Lord in my mind I will go thru this process…n wait for the day to come when justice is done.

BK June 29 at 1:17am
“Health does not depend on medicine. Good words, good manners, good sight, good thoughts-these are essential”….M I right dear?

RH June 29 at 10:38am
Yes, Yes and the deeper truth is that the deepest healing is Self healing self! Sit in your heart with the intention/hope/prayer that you become one with your heart, with the love in your heart that is beyond human interactions! Sit in the deep well up in that True Love that is where we all come from, is what we are made of and what we return to.

Also, tell your friend that it hurts to find out she is talking unkindly about you and that you love her anyways!
Sit in front of your alter twice a day and meditate on Love in your heart a little time.
Let me know daily about the symptoms. The symptoms look like and I am sure feel like you are ill! The Navapashanam elixir is deeply clensing your body. If the symptoms keep up, put the bottle outside until you start feeling better.

BK June 29 at 11:48pm
Pranam Ron Ji…Thank u for ur wisdom, ur knowledge n ur advice. Today I feel better…Many commented I look beautiful n energetic. Yesterday …i was soooooooooooo weak I thought I will fade away into thin air…until early wee hours of morning when I was forwarding birthday greetings to u…I started feeling stronger. I went to work with a big smile…& felt happy! Is this crazy or what? Odd feelings… The person who has been talking unkindly abt me…i do not question her ….also I dont harbour any ill feelings or hatred…towards this person but I pray that Lord show her the true path. That is my character, I m a simple loving person …but I am also human to feel hurt anguish n pain n confusion. I hope my condition will improve as the days go…pray for me too Ron Ji. Thanx very much for ur Guiding Light…Lots of Love n Hugs 2u…Happy Birthday again ♥

July 01, 2011

Every nite and morn I take a big gulp of water before I rest and go through my 25 min trance session. I have been experiencing what seems to be an increase rush of energy when I visualize myself morphing into my ideal self. It is an intense pleasurable feeling that I find myself looking forward to experiencing like never before. I’m trying not to put too much expectations on my Navapashanam experience and just let things happen. I also want to report that I had a photo shoot and the pics came out amazing. My energy and glow shined through the photos. Not sure if it is the result of Navapashanam but I definitely want to continue drinking the water for the rest of my life!

June 30, 2011

BK in Malaysia:
The water is still at my altar. I feel much better today…about 70%. I hope everything will improve after this… Take care and may you have a safe flight. ♥

June 29, 2011

Every night and morning, I take a big gulp of water before I rest and go through my 25 min trance session. I have been experiencing what seems to be an increase rush of energy when I visualize myself morphing into my ideal self. It is an intense pleasurable feeling that I find myself looking forward to experiencing like never before. I’m trying not to put too much expectations on my Navapashanam experience and just let things happen. I also want to report that I had a photo shoot and the pics came out amazing. My energy and glow shined through the photos. Not sure if it is the result of Navapashanam but I definitely want to continue drinking the water for the rest of my life!

Thank you very much for your LOVE!!!

June 28, 2011

I don’t see any improvement to mom’s memory. She is still really forgetful. She repeats herself frequently. I am hoping this is not the beginning of Alzheimer’s. Hoping the navapashanam will kick in for her soon.I don’t see any improvement to her overall energy, either. She is tired frequently. Her voice sounds weak. Her energy is low. So I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and pray the navapashanam just takes some time to work.By the way, she is not taking the navapashanam as eye drops’ she’s drinking it only.If it is working for me, it is really subtle. As a result, it’s very hard for me to detect, to notice the effects of it. I certainly don’t notice anything dramatic. I wish it were dramatic but so far, it is not. What should I be feeling? It’s hard for me to pinpoint any result from it just yet. Still plugging away…praying for the highest and best. I have two bottles of navapashanam left. When I have only one bottle left, I will send your container back for a refill.

June 24, 2011

Has had water for a few weeks, has given water to others very successfully and smoothly. So good to hear from you. What an interesting trip you are experiencing! And your email is timely. While recording your reading, I began to see the tithing aspect of Navapashanam and to understand its place in the bigger picture. The water is a gift, the talisman has a price.

Like a pipe carrier in the Native American tradition, the talisman would become a sacred tool requiring commitment. In the old tradition a student would live near the teacher and would work for their teachings as a cook, cleaner, etc. In today’s world we exchange money or energies.

I work with Goddesses and this week the Goddess of Souls came to me. She had me create a collage representing her energy. And it made me restless. I wanted to drink wine, but instead I did another ceremony with Navapashanam. I fell asleep and Shiva came to me.

Shiva told me that a bead was coming for me through you. Then we had a very frank conversation about Him. To me He is a Master of Alchemy, Healing, and higher teachings. I do not see Him as a god or someone to be worshiped or prayed to. I see Him as a Being of very high vibration who has unlimited patience and compassion and a willingness to help us raise our own vibration as much as possible. Shiva then let me sleep deeply for 20 minutes.

I woke up and went outside and began to work in the yard with the crystals.

Shiva knows what I am about to create something unusual and he showed me how Navapashanam could assist. Before Shiva came to me, I was about to ask you for a gallon of the water.

We can talk about it more when you are home and feeling more grounded. And I have not felt that you were being judgemental around me or that I needed to pass some type of test. You hear your Guides very well and I am very happy that you listen to them.

Safe journey. Love and Light,

June 25, 2011

DH: After 30 days.
I really felt the vibes today or energy or whatever (hi ) and i didn’t even drink any NAVAPASHANAM i dont know if it was your voice, you, or most likely the talisman around your neck, but it was great have a great trip to Zurich, you will be in my prayers dh

June 21, 2011

DT: drinking two oz /day for 30 days.
I met with my Kidney specialist yesterday and she was very pleased with the results of my last blood and urine test results. She reported an improvement in my kidney function and said I am now moving in the right direction. I told her about the tonic but I could tell she was not buying it .I am though, and again I thank you for your help. I will contact you when I need more water.
Thank you again Ron

Great- be respectful and try to discern who to tell and what to say. Some people are unable to consider anything out side a rigid belief system and when presented with information and even evidence they put you on a cross!
Swaha Ron

June 20, 2011

You asked if anyone noticed a reaction to the water. Like I said I felt a energy rush when drinking. The real effects were later in the day. The first day I had a session that was very cathartic and healing. The second day I drank much more of it and had lots of deep emotion come up in the bath. I felt that the water helped me flush out some really deep stuff and it helped me to see ways that I was projecting that were unseen before. Thanks for sharing it with us.

June 20, 2011

She has received written information about Navapashanam ONLY at this point.

Sounds interesting. By the way, the Navapashanam was in a series of dreams I had the other night, so I am very much drawn to this at this time. It feels very exciting, mystical and interesting to me. Thank you for thinking of me for this. Because I dreamt so much about the Navapashanam the other night, I am very touched by it all! I love the wonderful ways these mysterious energy items work!!

June 19, 2011

R 1122: Here is my testimonial
I have been taking the Navapashana water for two weeks. The increase in my energy level is amazing. I have to take the water during the day or else I am up half of the night. I have practiced Buddhist meditation for seven years with good results, and the water has taken me to another level of depth in my meditation. Physicality I have more energy and several old injuries are much improved. I utterly believe in this miraculous gift of sacred water.

June 16, 2011

One of my employees with a sleep disorder was told that the elixir was holy water and setting an intention to sleep through the night would help her. WF did that wan almost immediately she started sleeping the night and she also lost the 10 lbs she has wanted to lose for the past 5 years.

June 07, 2011

Hannah’s report:
I forgot to tell you that I really think the magic drink is working; lots of good deep inner transformation/healing/growth happening. Love you bunches and bunches and bunches,

June 06, 2011

My personal experience has been mostly in relation to meditation also….mainly an intensification of sensation in anahata and ajna chakras [ pressure and blissful pulsation ] and a intoxicated presence in the brahmarandra [ which always happens but is more pronounced ] because i meditate so much, do the sri chakra puja, do mantras like a madman, and eat a very pure diet for soooooo many years, my ability to withstand huge amounts of energy allows my to do far more than a “normal” person so even when i took 3 shots a day for a few days, i experienced only benefits 

June 07, 2011

Fourth edition from DL about drinking a quart if Elixir on May 23, 2011:
The clearing continues. The stomach stuff has subsided. I am able to eat somewhat normally again. Small amts of good food, so I feel better in that regard.

However the lungs have started to purge. I’ve had pneumonia a few time in my life. The cough is that cough. Stuff is coming out. I coughed most of the night. It very deep. Other than when I’m coughing I feel pretty good. Slight headache. I hope they clean out well.

I cancelled all my sessions for today cuz I sound like living death. Old tar removal.

Just making sure everyone knows what this does. I don’t think I’ll ever do kaya Kulpa. Please remind me if I change my mind!

You don’t think you will ever do Kaya Kulpa?

Not today I don’t. I don’t think I could take something stronger than what I have. This is nearly unbearable at moments. You would not quite believe the extent of the coughing. I can’t imagine if my teeth had to fall out and regrow too in the dark. Nope. Not for me from this perspective. I never got the reality of it till now.

All I want today is a backrub.

Kaya Kulpa requires a readiness that is more than is currently available. Possibly the Navapashanam and the Gemstone Ash Rasayana are the gradual steps for us and maybe not?

This is plenty for now that is for sure. Do you want to live 700 years? I just want to be youthful and healthy. I’ve temporarily lost certain aspects of my health and I want them back. This seems to be a real roto rooter. Gem stone ash. I may just be a “carrier” as in wear it.

June 05, 2011

Third edition from DL about drinking a quart of Elixir on May 23, 2011:
Today the acupuncturist said my energy was very low. My stomach seemed bloated and my lungs were purging. I think I’m purging old pneumonia. I told her I took an Ayurvedic Energized Oil. (I got no to mentioning what) She said 2 weeks ago, that I was much stronger. That was when I first took the navapashanam in small doses. She did cupping additionally and said she hoped to help pull the toxins out. She said my body was overloaded with toxins and to drink a lot of water and cut carbs to help it with the purge. she got it right. I am very clear, that I don’t recommend taking a large dose of Navapashanam all at once!

Second edition from DL about drinking a quart: I was very clear when I drank the quart. I told that I needed to know what would happen if I gave a quart to someone and they drank it all at once. I felt into that for about a day before I did that. I needed to be aware to be very careful not to give a quart bottle to someone who would not follow instructions.

In hindsight, I am very clear that it is better to go slowly. I now know what the power of this Energized Oil. It is very, very potent. I will not give a quart jar to someone that I have any concern may drink a quart at once. I will only give them a 1/2 pint jar if I have any feeling they might drink it all at once, or do something crazy like drink it and then go out and get drunk and then really sick.

I loved the pleasant ride of 1 shot. I think a drop as a homeopathic dose is also a very wise and deep potency. I am now making it into a homeopathic that I have started with one drop in water, successes 60 times, dumped out, refilled with just water and schussed 60 x for 10 refills. That dosage is very fine.

Another way I have received to possibly increase the potency in a safer way is to put the navapashanam in a dropper bottle and take one drop an hour for a day. Then stop. That could also be one drop in one’s water bottle and sip on it all day. Similar to a flower essence, it will increase in potency given greater frequency and hopefully without the negative side effects. That experiment has not yet been done to my knowledge.

Again, my guidance is to recommend against drinking very much at once. I will get through this and hopefully no one else will need to experience it, if they learn from my training.

June 05, 2011

On about June 1 or 2, in the evening, I was doing a meditation and I was told to imagine pouring navapashanam down my internal tube of light down my spine the Shashumna. My guides poured it through my crown chakra and it rushed down the tube and out my base chakra.

I perceived a relatively clear tube, but some old crusty stuff on the tube, like rust, clearing out. Basically the tube was already clean of large debris but there was really old left over stuff on the walls, like charred experiences or something you would have to scrape off a plate after rinsing. As I/they/we poured the navapashanam down the tube of light, it released the left over crust/rust and cleared it to shining. I had an experience of profound light and expanded awareness. Lots of color, full spectrum.

The next morning you forwarded me Art’s experience Cosmic Drano. My experience was very similar in a similar time frame.

I checked the tube this morning and there is only a small amt of rust left. I was told not to pour it again at this time, as I am over loaded with physical toxins from the drinking the quart of navapashanam, which continues to be very lovely and very uncomfortable at the same time. I don’t recommend it. Nausea is no fun and the purge of child abuse has been nearly constant. At this point It’s like sitting inside and watching the rain pour down a window. I’m not getting wet. I’m very disassociated to the memory, it doesn’t appear to be mine, no attachment to it, hardly a recognition, yet profound constant physical nausea. I am ready for internal sunny days with no rain. I pray the light is brighter than ever once I come out of this purge.

June 05, 2011

Thank you for overnighting the water to Sebastopol. I used it all for various people besides the bride and groom. The wedding couple drank it for as part of the wedding ceremony, then I gifted them 8 ounces with the Baccarat crystal we had used in the ceremony. The rest I used for a small group ceremony in a private garden.

June 02, 2011

So after an incredibly exhaustive day (on all levels) in Lucerne – getting back to NR about 10pm, The most amazing things happened in my morning meditation today.

First, it was like someone poured Kosmic Drano into my crown chakra, and I watched it flow through all the chakras, petals, and nadis dissolving crud and flowing like a golden light through all the channels that energy flows in all the subtle bodies.

After that, some sort of rinse cycle started, and a divine wind pushed all that had been dissolved and dislodged by the Drano out of the system, to leave a very open and expanded system.

Then a sense of awareness arose – kind of like a concentric awareness – each vehicle on each plane fully autonomous, yet fully integrated with all the others. Each one complete in itself, yet a functional part of a totality.

The result seems to be a multi-dimensional simultaneous multitasking awareness – like all the video monitors in the security control room are in view all at once.

A greatly expanded sense of witnessing, with the ability to place my awareness anywhere to cognize what is needed in the moment seems to be emerging.

Very pleasant, actually.

June 01, 2011

DL – this is her first report after drinking a quart of Elixir on May 23, 2011:
After drinking a quart of navapashanam, I was ok for about a week. Then it hit and it hit hard. I would not recommend anybody drink a lot of nav at once. The navapashanam master was here guiding me when I made the decision. I was hungry for it and I was told that it was important for me to understand what would happen to someone if they drank a quart so that I would understand the full responsibiity of handing a jar to someone. I have always tended to be the guinea pig/bird in the mine.

My symptoms. I am calling it navapashanam flu or chakra flu. My chakras are purging lifetimes of stuff. I have had extreme nausea and vomited the first day. Diarrhea too. Then I had dry heaves for a few hours. Then once the physical purge stopped my chakras are heaving. I have not experienced that before. It feels like dry heaves but it’s not physical, it’s in the chakras.

My memory storms of lifetimes of stuff have been barely tolerable though I am witnessing. Honestly, I feel horrible. I am so sick it is hard to meditate and find joy. I am able to be up and work part-time. I have almost no appetite. Meaning I am full on 1/4 of an avacado or 1/2 of an apple to the extent that I’m stuff and concerned that I’m not getting much nutrition.

I say take it slow and do a shot or 2 a day. It was a pleasant ride until I took so much. In fact I can hardly wait to get through this. All I can say, is I do not recommend it. Let me tell you it’s not fun. It will be much for reliable the other way.

June 01, 2011

DL’s Report:
I turned a client onto Nav this morning. Her guides kept telling her to drink 3 shots that she needed it to go through her blood. She did. I warned her about a purge or healing crisis. She also took some home.

Here is what she said when she held the bottle. “Oh there is something different, this is small cell water, it goes right in, oh there is more. Oh my it’s very strong healing energy. What is it?” So I started to tell her about the 19th Siddah and the Navapashanam project.

Then I went and got my picture of The Siddha. She gasped. I said what. She said “He has been teaching me in my dreams for quite awhile now. He takes me through cave in the earth and we come out in this place where he shows me that the masters are sleeping in the earth. She said I already know I have to take this water to some places on the earth. I am going to be traveling and I am supposed to put it on the earth. The earth, the soil is too toxic and he tells me the masters can’t get up. She said who is he. He usually comes in white like this and then he gives me the grail to drink out of and I drink from “the grail”.

June 01, 2011

DL’s Report:
Three people have the flu. Me, Rok and Hannah. Hannah only took one drop.

Everyone else has had normal happiness levels rising. I’m waiting to see if it’s really Navapashanam that’s doing it. I get it’s a cleansing and old flu symptoms surfacing.

I think I peel a final layer today. I remembered my uncle trying to rape my mom when she was pregnant with me. I was working on nail biting and the woman I was working with said, what about the bitten. Tears rolled and suddenly I remember my mom bit my uncle. I didn’t tell her that and she said you may need to clear your uncle. Whoah. Her terror was in my womb water. I think I may have found the last piece to this amazing puzzle. Funny part was it just dropped out.

June 01, 2011

DL’s Report:
I agree, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. I want to build a nav temple for drop off in the yard.

I do miss food though. It just fades away. I try to eat and have about 3 bites and I’m full. I was stuffed on 1/4 of an avacado the same day I did seven sessions at New Ren. Today I made a corn bread. I am going to need to give most of it away! I ate 2 pieces and I’m overstuffed. I can’t seem to eat more than one food at a time. Almost no vegies in the pike lately which is kinda wierd. I could not drink my coffee this a.m. I’m pretty sure this is mana. It’s amazing how many people get it and want it.

The nav flu is a bit better today. Thank God. That chakra dry nausea is so uncomfortable. I have a bit of hope that I have almost scraped the pipe clean. I am having visions of a lotus inside. Hopeful that the memory storm of discomfort will pass soon. Today I could pour without getting sick. Not yesterday.

I have been putting alkaline water in and soaking my beads in alkaline water.

I made some for kids the other dip. Was told to dip 14 times. It looked like fireworks coming out of the bottle.

I am asking people for donations each time so that adds a little more money too each time beside the monitoring. They have to email me for refills then I set them out and they leave a donation.

May 31, 2011

GA report for himself and his mom after about a week
Sometimes I feel a brighter, clearer energetic. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to access. It comes and goes. I don’t always feel it. It’s not building. In other words, it’s not getting stronger, more noticeable everyday. Maybe it will in time. Right now it’s an occasional thing. My mother hasn’t mentioned anything to me regarding her experience.

May 31, 2011

A neighbor of mine hurt his left knee and was telling everyone he had a bum knee. I invited him into my garden and had him sit down. After listening to him go on about his “bum” knee, I asked him if he wanted a healing. He said he did, so I went in my house and poured one shot of Navapasanam into a glass.

I came back outside with the glass and told him that this elixir I was going to treat him with came from India and I considered it sacred water with healing properties. I said I felt very fortunate to have it and would share some with him. Before I began, I told him that I noticed he was giving his “air time” (talking about) his bum knee, and that would not help transform his knee. I said that I needed him to watch how he spoke about his knee for the entire day. I said that he should not bring up any “bum knee:” stories in any of his conversations once he left my garden – this would help his knee heal faster.

I then proceeded to pour a small amount into my hand and rubbed it on his knee saying, “Navapasanam, let your light heal this knee; Navapasanam, let your infinite wisdom surround this knee with light and healing forces. After speaking, I kept my hand on his knee for about 3 seconds. Then I gave him the rest of the Navapasanam in the glass and asked him to drink it, affirming that his whole body would be filled with light, with the main focus on his knee.

He then drank the water and left.

Two days later, he came by to thank me because he said his knee was so much better. He felt it was the Navapasanam and that I had a big part in his healing.

May 30, 2011

Report from BT about Swaha Ron’s experience:

Dear Swaha Ron,

I can see and feel what you are saying. And it is also true that those who were drawn to you and the Navapashanam were doubly opened; first by your energy & auric field and secondly by the Navapashanam. I can see now that it is very important that the person giving the elixir be in their Higher Self and radiating love, especially in a face to face experience with the person receiving. Your ability to radiate such unconditional love is expanding hugely.

Like energy attracts like energy, so I would guess that your experience in the car was profound in that you could hear and see everything manifest from your heart & mind.

When several realities come together like that, it’s like you ping pong back and forth until the vibration settles down. How you are being rewired would depend on your prayers and intentions. Since I know that you meditate and practice your mantras daily, it will be good.

Christine, received her ounce of Navapashanam to take home today. I included the brochure and explained the state of mind she would most greatly benefit from while drinking the elixir. She says to tell you thank you. She believes you do the coolest things in your life.

May 30, 2011

From a lady DL gave Navapashanam elixir to:

I want to share how I, George and Nicole are all loving the water!!! I can feel the changes in both of them…..George is feeling hope and Nicole is feeling happier as she has been fighting depression for quite sometime. I am loving the clarity, confidence, peace and the over all amazing feeling and great vision and knowing any and all is mine, no what ifs…. I’m thinking you wanted feed back so I wanted to let you know. I also will need more, like tomorrow if possible…. would it be ok to buy two?

May 24, 2011

1. Laraine and I went to play music tonight. She said what she has noticed is that she is becoming more balanced emotionally. She also said she has given some to her very very old cat and he has more energy.

I saw Kate the other day and I told her about the Navapashanam. But first I had the beads on and I just asked her to do psychometry. She asked where did I get this?. I said a gift. She said from Steve? I laughed no. (Steve is my friend who is a chiropractor. Steve and I like each other a lot and Kate thinks he has a crush on Dawn. Funny)

Then she said some other man? I said yes. And she was stumped so I said Ron. And she said OOOOh. Then she said so this comes from another country. That was all she could get.

So I explained it to her. She wasn’t impressed or very interested. I cracked up and dropped it. Remember when we first talked about this, I said she wasn’t ready. She needed to see a change in Dawn first. She really did pass it up. She is too attached to her drama and illnesses to get it right now. Oh well and ok.

2. Another Person: Hannah is a friend/acquaintance who is a manicurist. I saw her today and spent a couple hours. I found myself talking about the Navapashanam because she said I looked good. She got it immediately. She said she has some very sick friends and a church group that need help and her sister has cancer. (Hannah is a long time meditation practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and pretty tuned in.) She asked if there was a way to get Navapashanam to those people. I said yes. I would meditate on it. I told her my parameters of how I am sharing it.

May 23, 2011

Subject: Update

How blessed to have the doors open.

Auspicious sign for the huge shift in vibration these coming two years into 2013 and beyond.

A very important period. That were the images in my dream, a big room with lines of people receiving Navapashanam and I was one of the priest/priestess giving the elixir bathed in the Love of the Great Mother.


May 23, 2011

My own progress is very strong. I feel I borderline drank too much but the Navapashanam master says no, I am being tested and cleaned out. He says there is a lot of filth in my body and I need the junk removed so I can move forward. It will be awhile before I take much more. It will soon be time for me to begin working with the gemstones. I am being shown to put it in dropped bottles for people to take like a homeopathic. He says that many people I am in contact with, would not be able to tolerate a shot glass. A dropped bottle holds about an ounce so they will take their shot over time. He says I am very strong even though I am blocked up in other ways. He knows me and recognizes me well. We have worked together for many lifetimes. He says he tested me to show me how one quart affected me. Many will have that strong of an affect with a shot glass, so it also signifies my innate strength. Though those who are stronger would not be fazed by what I took, it is still a sign to me. Yes, tell Ron. Stay in deep communion with Ron. You have both been my students before.

May 23, 2011

This one is different. I took the Navapashanam sheet to class on Sat. This group had not been introduced yet. I reached for the sheet several time during class to read and got a firm no. The navapashanam master confirms now, some in that group at not ready.

May 22, 2011

Well the roll of evolution continues

I heard from BT. She told me about the snakes she saw in the box. I told her to contact you right away and she did. I am wondering what you get about it. Were those snakes interference or were they Kundalini?

Ok, 2 nights ago I felt I was guided to drink a quart of full strength Navapashanam water. 24 hour elixir. I was pretty sure I was correct. I checked in. I drank. I was so thirsty for it.

Prior: That day I was having heavy memory storms of child abuse. It has unleashed a layer from the cells of the body.

Within 5 minutes I was on the couch immobilized. I could not lift my hands, feet anything. My eyes were wide open and I was wide awake. At first I thought maybe I overdid it. I went out for an hour. Rok came in. I was incredibly thirsty and could not move so I asked him to get me some water. He got me a quart of reg. water and I sat up and drank it and went back out.

Woke up an hour later hungry and got up and made some light dinner. At 8 p.m. I went to bed and slept til 7 a.m. Woke up with a profound Navapashanam nearly good headache. A headache that did not hurt. I asked the Navapashanam master if I had made a mistake. He said no. He said you need to understand how strong this is, so you don’t give anybody too much. You are the guinea pig. I said ok.

That day yesterday, I had wonderful energy. It took me a long time to wake up but once I did I was fine. I did not drink any. I didn’t have any memory storms. I worked physical labor all day in the yard. I have not done that since surgery or before. I then went to band practice and played with a master guitarist who was there and he just expected us to keep up and we did.

I came home, ate very little and went to bed.

My sleep the first night was in training with the Dalai Lama and the Navapashanam master. last night I am only aware of the Navapashanam master. This morning he told me to email you the results. Before he told me to wait. So he seems to be guiding me pretty well. I’m not being told any big secrets that I can remember but i am noticing habits changing.

For example, ye old nail biting. Last night I caught myself at it. I prayed. I handed my hand to Rok. I said I have never thought to ask for intervention when this is actually happening. He loved me and kissed my hand. That caused something to shift. I feel love moving into old stubborn or new places. Very subtle but a part of me that has been hiding for eons is starting to receive the love that I am.

Today, I go to New Ren for most of the day to do readings. Then it seems I’ll meet up with Ty and give him some Navapashanam from the original bottle, you sent me, that I saved for him. That is if we can connect.

Oh P.S. My housekeeper who didn’t know the Navapashanam was here last week, said that she had more energy after she left here and for the whole week. She had wondered what was going on and if something had come from my house to rejuvenate her. She drank some later at class last week. I’ve yet to get a conscious report. I do know she was going through some heavy internal stuff yesterday, which is 3 days later.

May 22, 2011

The box arrived yesterday just as I was leaving for Houston. The energy it was radiating was big. I swear I felt the presence of two snakes inside the box. My big dog hid in the back bathroom all night.

I opened the box this morning when there was a quiet moment. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I am doing prayers and waiting a few days before I drink the elixir.

And I emailed DO to learn more of what she experienced.

Thank you so much for this amazing gift. I am very touched by your generosity. And it is very exciting to prepare for this transformation.