Our Ormus has age reversing property. Swaha Ron has gotten tremendous improvement on his skin and youthful energy since he started using Ormus in 2012.

Swaha Ron with his twin grandsons

After using our Ormus for 3 days, the infection stopped itching, hurting and inflamed.

Ormus testimony ringworm infection

Athena Starseed

When one encounters a healer that truly guides their journey into the deepest wells of the subconscious mind and leads them back to their Soul’s Purpose, they are divinely blessed…

And I have been fortunate enough, after searching 25 years, to find not one but two of these divine beings…

and guess what, they just happened to be married!!!!!

Swaha Ron Holman and Divojananda are both very skilled and devoted healer/practitioners that really know their stuff.  From cellular reprograming to accessing the divine light of  “The Laws of Grace”,  these two Angels truly bring healing to a whole new octave.

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 Swaha Ron:  Tarot Card Reading December 2019

Swaha Ron’s tremendous kindness, love and his major connection to the Universe imparts a mind-blowing, super positive, feel-good Tarot reading.  He brought to the surface very quickly and clearly who I am and an obstacle (fear) that can be worked on and can be eventually eliminated.   Many blessings to you Swaha,  I am so blessed to have met you in person!  You blessed me with the wisdom needed to put forth an important decision pending in my life at this time.   Kathy Logan  (Connecticut)