Meet the Founders

Welcome to Anu Alchemy. Dr. Ron Holman’s Siddha Energy oils are a culmination of years of spiritual experience and exploration which began in the early 1990’s searching for a cure for his first wife Linda who was sent home from the hospital in 1986 to prepare to die. . .

Dr. Ron traveled to sacred sites in Egypt, Peru and India numerous times where he was given sacred knowledge, frequencies & maps to create Quantum Morphogenetic Energies all derived from the consciousness of Love. Dr. Ron, (later referred to as Swaha Siddha Ron or Siddha Ron) while meditating In the presence of powerful energy portals, began experiencing downloads of visualizations, formulas with auditory guidance. Ron and Tison, Ron’s second wife began envisioning and creating the business Anu Alchemy together.

SiddhaRon’s Alchemy creates potent energetic oils infused with divine loving frequencies that make it possible for others to experience the magic and receive the loving blessings of the Siddhas without having to physically travel to these sacred sites.

Story From Swaha Ron The Founder

Dr. Ron had a heart-felt desire to discover and learn healing outside of the medical box that could restore the health of his life partner, Linda. Linda lived 29 years longer than the doctors at UCLA liver transplant unit said was possible.

His search to learn and experience healing modalities took him around the U.S. to Brazil, China, India, Europe and Mexico. He absorbed hundreds of books on healing, while studying the use of gemstones, crystals & herbs in pursuit of the secret of their healing energy. In 1995, before his first pilgrimage to India, he stopped to give a homeless woman some money. Out of her eyes came a laser beam of light that dissolved a $10 bill in his hand, and then he and the woman dissolved into light. He then what he experienced as teleported to his car onto the freeway and wept in the most intense humility and joy for the next week.

Dr.Ron met his first Immortal Maha Siddha in 2011.This encounter brought him to the Siddha Bogar, teacher of Babaji, to ask him to bring their Siddha energetic medicine to his friends in the West.

Ron was clear and inspired and humbly agreed. Following the guidance coming from the Immortals and using navapashanam to formulate what are now the Anu Alchemy collections of Siddha energetic oils, the gift of the Siddha’s consciousness has given him more highly developed abilities and empowering him to co-create his life with greater love, prosperity and joy while helping more people and live a more fulfilling life. Dr. Ron also owns and operates The Holman Group that manages Mental Health Insurance Companies, intending to bring the understanding that Health is a Balance of Mind, Body, & Spirit to corporate health care.

Siddha Ron has been steeped in the sacred path of the Maha Siddha whose journeys into the light are beyond enlightenment. The sacred Jeeves Samadhi sites of the Maha Siddha emit the vibration of a journey into light, leaving energetic clues for us to follow them. The vibrations of one whose physical body dissolved into light while alive vary from one Maha Siddha to another and from moment to moment, as the cosmic “mind” of the ascended masters grants us perceptual experiences to enjoy.

This journey into the Light is possible ONLY through the blessings of Divine Grace, and for these blessings Siddha Ron is infinitely grateful.

Siobhan Nicolaou, CHT, CHLC Siddha Ron’s current life partner is a Master Alchemist and expert in the field of Emotional Energy Transformation or EET© as she refers to her processes. Her work’s focus is transformation, making consciousness conscious within humans and homes. She was instrumental in helping Dr. Ron transmute much of the pain & grief of Tison’s unexpected passing. The love he re discovered within his heart poured over in resonance within the love of hers.

It is the combination of these two masters now that will facilitate the evolution of each other within their alchemical dance of love.Their devotion will take the oils, plasmas and Ormus of Anu Alchemy to the next level and serve humanity as it awakens from form to light.