Meet the Founders

After many years of spiritual exploration, including traveling to sacred sites in Egypt, Peru and India, Ron Holman, PhD (SwahaRon), and Tison, Intuitive Master Healer, were given sacred knowledge and maps to create Quantum Morphogenetic Energy Medicine. SwahaRon received downloads, visualizations, and auditory guidance with Tison’s loving support and spiritual guidance. In the presence of powerful energy portals, Tison and SwahaRon envisioned Anu Alchemy, and created potent energetic medicines infused with divine loveand elements they received on their many pilgramages. SwahaRon’s and Tison’s makes it possible for others to experience the magic and receive blessings without having to physically travel to these sacred sites.

Story From Tison The Founder

Tison is recognized as an intuitive Master Healer specializing in removing pain and limitations on the physical, emotional, cellular, and DNA levels, opening the door of possibilities to flow. She has successfully helped countless clients suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, eating disorders, high blood pressure, prenatal suffocation, birth trauma and many other emotional issues. Tison is passionate and intentional. She creates a wonderfully safe, sacred space in which to perform healing magic with light beings.

Tison has received countless initiations from many high energetic scared places in different parts of the world. Her work connects with the collective healing consciousness.

Tison was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has given numerous spiritual talks, healing sessions, yoga sessions, meditation classes for adults and children in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and India since 2010. Tison also offers private healing retreat for those who are ready for the next step of their spiritual and personal growth.

Story From Swaha Ron The Founder

It all started for Swaha Ron with a heart-felt desire to discover and learn healing to restore the health of his life partner, Linda, who lived 29 years longer than the doctors at the UCLA liver transplant unit had said was possible. During their marriage, he traveled the world tirelessly to learn energy healing techniques to help her, searching from the U.S. to Brazil, from China to India, from Europe to Mexico. He read and absorbed hundreds of books on healing and energetic medicine.

In pursuit of the secrets of healing energy, many amazing things happened to and around Swaha! In 1995 right before his first pilgrimage to India, he stopped to give a street lady some money.  Out of her eyes came a laser beam of light that dissolved a $10 bill in his hand, and then the street lady and Swaha Ron dissolved into light! He was teleported in his car onto the freeway and wept in the most intense JOY for the next week! In 2011 Swaha Ron met an immortal maha siddha. This encounter led to Swaha Ron being asked by the immortal Siddha Bogar, teacher of Babaji, to bring their siddha energetic herbal medicines to his friends in the West! Swaha agreed without thinking, which lead to a series of amazing experiences coming through U.S. customs! It is clearly evident that Swaha has been taught to recognize and to follow the guidance coming from the immortal siddhas! Over time this gift has given him more highly developed abilities, empowering him to BE more happy, joyous and free while living life. SwahaRon aka Dr. Ron Holman owns and operates Mental Health Insurance Companies, intending to bring the understanding that Health is a Balance of Mind, Body, & Spirit to corporate health care!

Swaha Ron has been following the sacred path of the maha siddhar whose journeys into the light are beyond enlightenment! The sacred Jeeves samadhi sites of the maha siddhar emit the vibration of a journey into light, leaving energetic clues for us to follow them. The vibrations of one whose physical body dissolved into light while alive vary from one maha siddha to another and from moment to moment, as the cosmic “mind” of the ascended masters grants us perceptual experiences to enjoy.

This journey into the Light is possible ONLY through the blessings of Divine Grace, and for these possibilities are blessings Swaha Ron is infinitely grateful!