A Fountain of Youth

Tools for everyone that is interested in spirituality, emotional balance and/or physical health.

In today’s day and age most people have some awareness of taking care of their bodies for a variety of reasons, with health care costs being one of them. Most people understand that stress, fear, frustration and economic insecurity detract from the quality of their lives. So, from one end of the spectrum of taking care of one’s life through to the extreme end of seeking Spiritual Enlightenment, the Maha Rasayan Navapashanam is now available to you!

Rasayan describes an herbal preparation that promotes a youthful state of physical and mental health and expands happiness. Rasayan, is a Sanskrit word with a literal meaning of ‘Path of the Juice’. A Rasayan is a word that describes formulas that produce results from both chemistry and alchemy. In therapeutic processes a Rasayan is concerned with the conservation, transformation, and revitalization of energy. A Rasayan nourishes the body, boosts immunity and helps to keep the body and mind in the best of health. A Maha Rasayan is a GREAT herbal preparation that is also a formula that produces a result from both chemistry and alchemy. A Maha Rasayan carries with it the understanding that the formula is divinely inspired and therefore is more than the sum of its ingredients or the steps taken in its preparation. Essentially, the use of Maha Rasayan extends life and the possibilities of winning the race towards the transformation of the body in the image of the Divine Truth rather than allowing the old habits in the body (that of gradually decomposing) to win the race of time.

Siddhas followed the ancient Guru disciple apprenticeship method and they revealed their secrets only to those students whom they felt could be trusted to use the science with integrity, unlike other schools of textbook methods. The dissemination of the science was limited to those great sages who were prepared to sacrifice their own interests for the uplifting of humanity.

Using special salts as well as herbal formulas the Siddhas developed the unique science of rejuvenation, known as “kaya kalpa”, a Maha Rasayan, allowing them to prolong their lives until the long term effects of Kriya Kundalini Pranayama and similar practices of other great traditions could complete the processes of Transformation.

This Transformation in the body would be made of “concentrated energy which obeys the will” rather than being “a little soul carrying corpse”. It is said to be noticeable that in that state of Consciousness the Movement exceeds the force or the power, which concentrates the cells to make of them an individual form.

This description is also reminiscent of that most pregnant of the phrases of many traditions: “Be still and know that I am God”. Immobility is the basis of the Supra-Mental power; which is nearly impossible to grasp.

Far from being an end in itself, physical immortality, was represented to Sri Aurobindo as the next stage in humanity’s evolution. It was to be the result of Spiritual Transformation: the culmination of a process in which a Divine “Supra-Mental” consciousness would descend into the lower planes of consciousness, even into the densest levels of matter, the human physical body.

It can be said that Nirvana is just a beginning of the path with much more beyond to explore. Nirvana is the end of the lower path through the lower nature and the beginning of the higher evolution.

In many spiritual traditions the body has been regarded as an obstacle, incapable of spiritualization or transmutation. It is seen as a heavy weight holding the soul to it’s earthly nature and preventing its ascent either to spiritual fulfillment in the Supreme or to the dissolution of its individual being in the Supreme. However, while this conception of the role of the body in our destiny is suitable enough for a sadhana, spiritual practice/prayer sees earth only as a field of ignorance and earth life as a preparation for a saving withdrawal. For others it is insufficient for a spiritual practice/prayer which conceives of a Divine Life upon earth and liberation of ‘Earth Nature’ itself as part of a total purpose of the embodiment of the spirit. If a total transformation of the Being is our aim, a transformation of the body must be an indispensable part of it, without that it is silly to think of a full Divine Life on earth or anywhere else, being possible.

Aurobindo and the Mother found that complete transformation is ONLY possible for the individual, when there is a minimum transformation by all. “To help humanity out”, remarked Aurobindo, “it was more than an individual effort required, however great, to achieve an ultimate solution individually, (because) even when the Light is ready to descend it can ONLY come to stay as the lower plane is also ready to bear the pressure of the Descent.”

If one wants to do the work singly”, said the Mother, “it is absolutely impossible to do it totally, because every physical being, however complete it may be, even though it be of an altogether superior kind, even if it be made for an altogether special Work, is at BEST only partial and limited. It represents only one truth, one law and the full transformation is beyond being realized through it alone, through a single body… so that if one wants to have a general action, at least a MINIMUM number of physical beings are necessary”.

“Each one of you”, said the Mother, “represents one of the difficulties which must be conquered for the transformation. And this makes many difficulties. It is even more than a difficulty. I believe I have told you before that each one represents an impossibility to be resolved, and when all these impossibilities are resolved, the Work will be accomplished “…and ‘You NOW do your practice/prayers/meditation for more than yourself alone, you do it for everybody, without wanting to, automatically”…”Accepting life, he (the seeker) has to bear his own burden, and a great part of the world’s burden too along with it, as a continuation of his/her own sufficiently heavy load. Therefore One’s practice has much more the nature of a comprehensive undertaking’ ‘. This is more than only an individual effort, it’s a collective practice that includes, involves and pulls in All. S/he has to conquer in self the forces of egoistic falsehood and disorder, and s/he must conquer them as representatives of the same adverse and inexhaustible forces in ALL.

The representative character of the forces of egotistic falsehood and disorder gives them a much more obstinate capacity of resistance, an almost endless right to recurrence. Often s/he finds that even after s/he has won persistently his own personal battle, s/he has still to win it over and over again in a seemingly interminable process of cleansing, unraveling and transforming personal issues. Because his/her inner existence has already been so much enlarged that it contains his/her own being with its well-defined needs and experiences. Now it is in solidarity with the Being of others, because in self s/he contains the ALL.”

Spiritual practice of love and devotion, have been called the jet plane to Self Realization. Devotional songs, chants, ritual worship and pilgrimage to sacred places open the heart and the mind to the Reality of Love. Gradually, all of one’s activities may become soaked with sweetness, as the “Beloved” is perceived in all. Living in Love causes one to perform activities with “skill” because we do it in a Spirit of Love. Doing it selflessly allows the higher consciousness to work through us without resistance from the petty demands of the ego.

Ramalinga said, “I prayed for an effulgent body that would endure forever against wind, earth, sky, fire, water, sun, moon, death, and disease, weapons of killing, planets, and injuries of evil deeds or anything else. He later fulfilled my prayers and I have such a body. Think it blessed gift. O people, seek refuge in my Father who is the lord of the Beatific Splendor that immortalizes even the material body.”

He entreated his listeners to meditate upon the Lord of Light seated in one’s heart and to pray to the Supreme Grace Light. Continual thinking of God and ardent prayer for his Grace is the Key. Having achieved it, Ramalinga narrates exquisitely the stages of this transformation. He states that the dermis and epidermis of the skin have become extremely soft; all the nerves, muscles and tendons have gradually loosened; all the bones, membranes and cartilage very pliable; all the blood coagulated; the semen hardens and becomes concentrated. The brain and all of its parts have become loosened like an opening blossom. Throughout the body, an elixir flows. The face has become brilliant. There is a delicacy, soft and mild, sweet and harmonious in the gentle, cool breathing. The internal tear glands pour profusely. The mouth gasps with trembling, the ears are filled with melodies. The entire body has become cool. All the visible parts of the body bloom in ecstasy. The heart swells and throbs with love. The ego vanishes: likewise mental and emotional blemishes. A tender, loving, compassionate quietism rules. The ardent desire for receiving the Divine Grace overflows. Supreme Love fills the body which enshrines the Divine Life.

Siddha Master Yogi and Mystic, Sri Boganath or Bogar is considered the Father of Navapashanam. Navapashanam is a most powerful Maha Rasayan that awakens the physiology to it potential for rejuvenatition. It is actually available today.

For thousands of years, the process of preparing this extraordinary Herbal Elixir has been a most closely guarded secret. The secret is part of the ancient Siddha herbal energized oil science. Practically unheard of in modern times, some may claim to have the secret process and possess Navapashanam! However, in modern times, real Navapashanam Talisman started being made available to the people in 2009!

There is a Master Alchemist to whom the knowledge of this secret process of Navapashanam was handed down from Sri Boganath. This Navapashanam Master has agreed to make it available; for now! Even those that are closest to this Navapashanam Master only know him as Papa. He is 100+ years old and lives in South India as a beggar in a forest; he eats one young coconut a day. Those fortunate souls who are drawn to, become aware of and intuitively recognize the immense power of Navapashanam, are destined to be connected to this legacy and will have access to the powerful Navapashanam Talisman. Pouring liquid on Navapashanam produces a Supreme Awakening Elixir. Navapashanam is prepared through purifying and refining nine ingredients in an arduous, lengthily and complex alchemical process of transformation

Navapashanam, Kaya Kulpa and the processed ash from gemstones are native to Indian ancient wisdom. They are rare and are the result of a powerful life awakened intellect and life generating science; they are reminiscent of the stories of the fountain of youth. These are for sure Master Formulas or Maha Rasayans. These Master Formulas have the power to awaken the self that then removes all kinds of physical and energetic blockages through the principle of Transformation. The extremely high positive energy stored within Navapashanam acts as a catalyst to awaken the self that then knows how to transmute negative energy into positive energy; called spontaneous remission by western science.

Navapashanam awakens the body to balance all of its energy centers and to regenerate its reproductive system. Navapashanam awakens the self to transmute negative energy. The awakened self purifies the blood, strengthens the central nervous system as well as the digestive, circulatory, endocrine and immune systems. Navapashanam awakened self restores youthful vigor by rebalancing the internal five element energies, earth, water, fire, wind and ether thus increasing the Tejas, the ‘Cosmic Fire’. Navapashanam awakened self dramatically increases the ability to absorb and retain energy from air and sunlight. It is also reported that Navapashanam Elixir significantly reduces the need for food and sleep. Those who are blessed with the opportunity to take the Navapashanam Elixir report that:

Pouring a liquid over a Navapashanam Talisman or dipping the Navapashanam bead Talisman in water, milk or honey results in an Elixir. Taking the Elixir awakens the self producing what is called spontaneous remission by western medicine. Each Talisman is sufficient in quantity to last more than a lifetime!

These extraordinary Navapashanam power objects should be shown the highest respect for its supreme life sustaining energy. To receive Navapashanam Elixir let alone to possess a Navapashanam Talisman is an honor and a privilege of unimaginable spiritual proportions. Navapashaman, being solidified high cosmic energy, is beyond the understanding of western science and medicine, promises nothing, claims to cure nothing and takes no credit for curing anything. All healing is the Self healing Itself.

As one drinks this Elixir it works rapidly through setting of Intention. Some might say the result is a SUPER placebo effect; yet is much more. The Navapashanamized Intention invigorates and awakens every cell to its true nature which is high cosmic life force. Life Force is a naturally occurring self healing and rejuvenating energy. Functioning at its highest capacity, there is a resulting increased creative & spiritual power. With an awakened creative and spiritual power an individual will have the deep clarity and understanding necessary to heal them. Navapashanam Elixir is an awakener.

Background and History of Boghar and Navapashanam:

  • Bogar is a Siddhas. He is one of the 19 siddhars and is deeply revered.
  • He is a Master in Herbal Siddha Energized Oils.
  • It is said that he combines 4448 rare herbs and made 9 poisonous Siddha herbal energized oils.
  • In China, Boganathar was instructed by Kalangi Nathar in all aspects of the Siddha sciences including the preparation and use of the kaya kalpa herbal formulae to promote longevity. Siddhas normally strive very hard for many years to get an indestructible body by taking herbs and special potions. Whereas Kalangi Nathar, proved, that with the ‘JYOTI VRUKSHA’ one can attain such a body in one single day. After Kalangi Nathar entered into trance, Boganathar assumed his teaching mission to the Chinese. To facilitate this, he transmigrated his vital body into the physical body of a deceased Chinese man and thereafter went by the name ‘Bo-Yang’. ‘Bo’ is a derivation of the word ‘Bhogam’, which means Bliss. Bo-Yang became also known as Lao-Tzu.
  • He consulted Agasthiya – the Father of Ayurvedic energized oils along with other siddhas.
  • Boghar and others concluded that by pouring milk and other sacred liquids on a statue or Talisman made of Navapashanam, one can extract the energized high cosmic energy from the Talisman/statue made of Navapashanam.
  • Bogar attained the immortal state of swarūpa samādhi 315 years later, and then made China the center of his teaching activities. He traveled to South America as well.
  • Bhoganāthar’s visit to South America has been confirmed by accounts left by the Muycas of Chile: “Bocha, who gave laws to Muycas, was a white, bearded man, wearing long robes, who regulated the calendar, established festivals, and vanished in time like others (other remarkable teachers who had come across the Pacific according to numerous legends of Incas, Aztecs and Mayans).”
  • Bhoganāthar convened a meeting of many siddhas just before the beginning of the present Kali Yuga, in 3102 BC, to determine the best way for humanity to progress along the spiritual path during the coming period of darkness. The Yoga of Love and Devotion, Bhakti Yoga, was chosen as being the best means.
  • Bogar solidified the essence of Nava Pashanam and from that material formed a statue. Pashanam means poison. If the Pashanam exceeds the proper proportion it will become poison, indeed. In proper proportion Bogar and some of his disciple used it.
  • The statue is of Lord Muruga and is at Pazhani. It is made of NAVAPASHANAM. These when mixed together, acquire curative properties and are considered to be a wonder herbal drug in Siddha Energized Oils.

For an unknown period of time, a genuine Navapashanam Master, only known as Papa, is making Navapashanam Talisman available to ordinary people. This Navapashanam Master who we call Papa who is actually the Maha Siddha Bogar decided to make Navapashanam available to those whose Karma brings them to a Navapashanam Bead Carrier.