Navapashanam — The Super Tonic

Opens a Heart of Love and You Fall In

Master Yogi and Mystic, Sri Boganath or Bogar is known as the Father of Navapashanam. Because of his deep Love and Compassion received this Master Formula from his Teacher. Navapashanam is concentrated High Cosmic Energy. It is made from herbs and minerals concentrated into a stone like material and infused with Unconditional Love. It is believed to come from South India before 3,500 BC.

Throughout history many cultures have searched for what is called a ‘Fountain of Youth’. In the South Indian and Chinese writings there are referenced certain recipes or herbal formula that are said to produce an extraordinary physical transformation and longevity. These formulas are intended to extend life long enough for a true Awakening of Love to occur.

These South Indian alchemical formulas have been a closely guarded secret that has been practically unheard of in modern times. These great or Maha formulas are unheard of even in the cultures where these formulas originated.

In India, Ayurvedic and Siddha herbal medical science has been known to possess alchemical formulas. Some of these master formulas utilize poisons and toxic metals that cause modern medical science to be bewildered, skeptical and flat out against utilizing certain ingredients. In time and in some regard this Allopathic view has evolved. For instance, western science learned to use urea in the production of certain pharmaceutical drugs. Unknown to most people, urea is cow urine! Urine has been used in Ayurvedic and Siddha formulas for thousands of years. For most people, this is very strange! Strange as it seems, modern pharmaceutical science has done the research and understands that in the right proportions urea produces a desirable healing outcome when combined with other specific compounds. Once again, an alchemical transformation occurs.

In medical terminology, spontaneous remission of disease refers to the unexplained and sudden disappearance of all signs and symptoms of that disease. This rare and mysterious phenomenon has been observed by physicians and healers throughout human history and documented in modern times. Many anecdotal cases have been recorded in medical literature. All we know for sure is that it happens. Some think it is a deep knowingness the sick person holds in an unwavering way that produces the result. Others think that a sick person has tremendous faith in a healer, physician, a priest or someone other than themselves. So, could it be said that Navapashanam triggers a spontaneous remission of disease?

In modern times the greatest people have utilized their mind to discover amazing secrets from Mother Nature. For instance, Albert Einstein imagined, in his mind, what it would be like to ride on a beam of light traveling at light speed. This eventually resulted in the formula E=MC Squared. In like manner many thousands of years ago, Sri Bogar, through his mind and spiritual power realized that in the future, human beings would suffer from many strange diseases. The Master Alchemist Bogar received the knowledge of this secret alchemical transformative recipe from his teacher. Bogar began to utilize this alchemical recipe to make Navapashanam. There is no known written recipe for Navapashanam. It is believed that a 20 year internship is required to learn to make Navapashanam, IF a Navapashanam Master could be found who was willing to teach you. Pouring liquid on Navapashanam produces an elixir that can be consumed and/or rubbed onto the body.

Navapashanam, Kaya Kulpa and a formula utilizing processed ash from gemstones are native to Indian ancient wisdom. These ancient and rare formulas are a most powerful life awakening and life generating science. They are reminiscent of the stories of the Fountain of Youth. They are called Master Formulas. These Master Formulas have the power to awaken the Self so that when awakened, the Self begins to remove all kinds of physical and energetic blockages. Navapashanam is known to contain extremely high positive energy. Navapashanam acts as a catalyst to awaken the Self that then knows how to transmute negative energy into positive energy. To transform dis-ease into ease. This science understands that the highest positive energy is Love.

Navapashanam means nine poisons. These poisons are herbs and minerals, when combined and processed in just the right way results in an alchemical transformation. We are calling Navapashanam concentrated Love or High Cosmic Energy. We know from cooking that the attitude and feelings of the cook have something to do with the taste. In the case of Navapashanam, it is the same understanding. The mental, emotional and spiritual state of the Master when making Navapashanam is a most important ingredient! And, since Navapashanam is the High Cosmic Energy, which we are calling Unconditional-Love, and Love is a known ingredient in all spiritual and religious traditions, Navapashanam is a generic support to and for all people’s physical, emotional and spiritual/religious well being and advancement.

Navapashanam awakens the Self to balance all energy centers called chakras, and to regenerate reproductive systems. Navapashanam wakens the Self to transmute dis-ease which is said to be negative energy. The Awakened Self purifies the blood, strengthens the central nervous system as well as the digestive, circulatory, endocrine and immune systems. Navapashanam awakened Self restores youthful vigor by rebalancing the internal five elemental energies, earth, water, fire, wind and ether thus increasing the ‘Cosmic Fire’ also known as the Life Force. Navapashanam awakened Self dramatically increases the ability to absorb and retain energy as well as reduces the need for food and sleep.

Dipping the Navapashanam bead Talisman in water, oil, milk or honey and drinking it awakens the Self. The awakened self knows how to reverse all kinds of ill energy and to energetically rejuvenate the body. Each Talisman lasts more than a lifetime!

These extraordinary Navapashanam power objects should be shown the highest respect for it’s supreme life sustaining transformative energy. To receive Navapashanam Elixir, let alone to possess a Navapashanam Talisman, is an honor and a privilege of unimaginable proportions. Navapashaman, being solidified High Cosmic Energy, is beyond the understanding of western science and medicine, yet some western spiritual psychologies have an understanding of the healing properties of Love as do most western religions. Navapashanam promises nothing, claims to cure nothing, and takes no credit for curing anything. All healing is the Self healing Itself.

Pouring water, milk, honey or other liquids over a Navapashanam Talisman rapidly super charges the liquid with High Cosmic Energy which is Unconditional Love. When One drinks this charged liquid, the liquid works rapidly to invigorate and awakens every cell to it’s true nature through an Awakened Heart of Love. Our True Nature is high cosmic life force that has a self healing and rejuvenating ability. The result of drinking this elixir is an awakened increasing creative & spiritual power. With an awakened creative and spiritual power, an individual will have the deep clarity and understanding necessary to heal themselves.

Throughout history many have heard of and have searched for the Fountain of Youth. Some thought the Fountain of Youth to be real, others thought the Fountain of Youth to be mythical and others thought those who searched for a Fountain of Youth were crazy. Efforts to combat aging and extend human life date at least as far back as 3500 B.C., and self-proclaimed experts have touted anti-aging elixirs ever since. Indeed, the prospect of immortality has always had universal appeal, spurring Alexander the Great and Ponce de León to search for the legendary Fountain of Youth. The concept of a fountain of youth began with the stories in the Old Testament of a River of Immortality that flowed out of the Garden of Eden.

There is some historical documentation that complex formulas that rejuvenate exist. These formulas include mixing herbs and minerals; then cooking. The results produce an awakening of the mechanisms in a person that is transformative. Lets first look at transformation using something we understand. Consider the ingredients and directions required to make a pizza or a cake. To make a pizza or a cake you have to know the ingredients needed. If the ingredients are known, then you need to know the right proportions of the ingredients to mix together. If all this is known, then you have to know how long to cook the ingredients. If the ingredients or proportions vary, the end result will vary, as any master chef knows. If the ingredients are added together in the wrong proportions or order, problems can occur, such as the dough failing to rise; etc. Next, it is important to know the proper order in which to put the measured ingredient in to the mixing bowl; what goes in first, second, third, etc. The end result of the taste and texture of the pizza or cake can vary if any steps are varied. Now, with all that said, there is the cooking; how long and how much heat? While heat is most often used in cooking, cooling is also used. Some recipes call for cooking then cooling, while other recipes call for cooking some ingredients for a while then adding more ingredients, then cooking, then cooling, etc. It is said that the recipe for Navapashanam contains over 4,000 crucial and exact ingredients combined in a very exact way and cooked & cooled accordingly. The Navapashanam recipe requires the precise quantity, and order for the preparation of the herbs and minerals. Besides what has already been said about the recipe, knowingness is required about the specific quality of the herbs & minerals used. This means specific growing conditions, time of day the herbs are planted and picked in relation to the fullness of the moon, the time of year, etc. This science of Siddha Herbal Energized Oils evolved on many levels from Mother Nature herself.

In the example of making a cake, the end result is dependent on the right proportions of the known ingredients combined in the right order producing a semi liquid mass that is transformed with heat. The transformation of a semi-liquid mass of herbs & minerals into a solid is also an example of an Alchemical Transformation. With Navapashanam, the alchemical transformation produces a solid rock like substance harder than granite.

A ‘Fountain of Youth’ lies within, as evidenced by the phenomena of spontaneous remission of disease and the Placebo Effect. The relevant knowledge of how to trigger a spontaneous remission/Placebo Effect is in Navapashanam. The relevant knowledge awakens the inner ability to ignite a spontaneous remission of dis-ease, whether a Placebo Effect or something else, lies in an awakened heart. Navapashanam awakens the knowledge within. Through Unconditional Love subtle and advanced knowledge is conveyed and absorbed. The recipient of Navapashanam spontaneously starts to generate a heartfelt gratitude. Gratitude leads to Love. As Love swells one is compelled into action expressing gratitude. The gratitude expressed in action is as a result of receiving. As we express our gratitude for receiving by giving our hearts swell even more. Navapashanam expresses Unconditional Love. Unconditional love caught fire within, grows, and produces the results expressed by the three intentions; for physical, mental and spiritual well being. That cycle of outcome leading to Gratitude to Outcome to Gratitude, can eventually lead to a mastery and embodiment of Unconditional Love. The One that provides you with Navapashanam and gives you an introduction is the responsibility.

From Unconditional Love Selfless giving occurs. Selfless giving is embodied in Navapashanam. Selfless Giving produces discrimination. Discrimination is one of the faculties of Truth Consciousness, and is the capability to differentiate between truth and falsehood. So, Navapashanam is an expression of selfless giving that comes from the Heart of Papa, the Navapashanam Master who makes Navapashanam. Navapashanam is Unconditional Love that awakens in a heart Unconditional Love. Awakened Love grows toward Unconditionality. Navapashanam embodies the fulfilling of the commandment to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself”. The knowledge of unalloyed Truth, and the ability to differentiate apparent from real is a byproduct of selfless giving and a key to Opening the Heart of Love where Unconditional Love is found.

Gratitude in Action is really only symbolic. The gift of Navapashanam is beyond expression and beyond value. However, the principal of giving as a sign of appreciation does evolve toward having a heart of Unconditional Love. A heart’s desire to give is an expression of the knowledge or of the teaching received. The teacher, Papa, allows the recipient of Navapashanam to give so that they can begin to exercise their heart. From the Heart One finds the fulfillment of the commandment to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. Papa has little need for what is being offered. The money, however, sometimes is used by Papa to construct a beacon of Light for people. This beacon of Light is the emanation of subtle transmissions to and for others. Because of expressed gratitude a stairway to participating at a higher level is discovered. As you open your heart your ability to perceive and to receive ongoing subtle teachings expands. So, flying to where the Master thought to live, serving him/her long enough until you are perceived to be worthy, whatever that means, is how people used to obtain knowledge and teachings. Today we show our gratitude and appreciation by giving money! Seems like a crass substitute. However in these modern times that is how it works. And since traveling to India, finding a Master (if you can find a Master) and to service a Master for years to demonstrate worthiness is out of the question for most people, financial demonstration is what we have to work with.

Giving in relation to Navapashanam is appropriate ONLY at the point of a conscious recognizing of the benefits. The offering is an expression of gratitude. Gratitude is the key to the Doorway of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love begins to be experienced in a consciously and relevant way in the life. If Unconditional Love is NOT consciously able to be recognized then continue to receive without giving. Gratitude for receiving Navapashanam water for someone that is starting to awaken to Unconditional Love, has been equated to an offering; between $20 – $100 with most people offering $20. As the gratitude grows some will want to receive a Navapashanam bead themselves; beads are of around 5 grams. Papa has set the offering at a minimum of 1 Lak – 30,680 IRS = 130,680 INR ($3,057) + 3% of all monetary equivalents received from others who receive Navapashanam water from you! The 3% is to be sent to Papa % Sri Raman in India monthly through a Paypal account. And, as you like, it is possible to alternate one month’s 3% to Papa and the next month to a charity of your choice. It is the heartfelt desire to give and an active expression of appreciation in the actual giving that is the Key.

So, now please notice what you feel. Notice if you held the known cost in your mind or in your heart? Notice if you expressed anything to anyone about the required offering. Notice if you appreciate the difference between the word ‘offering’ and the word ‘cost’. Most of us in the west are locked into our net worth as an expression of our value? Be careful to notice what is going on in your mind and its belief systems about money and what is in your heart? The Navapashanam beads are not for sale, not a product and are impossible for you to be given the opportunity to receive a Navapashanam bead until:

  1. You can describe your personal experience with Navapashanam water.
  2. You can describe the mechanism you can use to determine a water program for others clearly.
  3. You can describe under what circumstances you will give the water away freely and under what circumstances you will be accepting monetary equivalents; donations, tithing’s, fees all of which is perfectly fine.
  4. You are in a financial position to be able to comfortably make the offering for the Navapashanam bead. This is the least important component yet the biggest stumbling block for a lot of people.

If your funds are short, if your money situation is such that it is unwise for you to participate at this time, if you think the required offering it is too much, if you are confused or don’t understand why you should pay, if you have been ripped off by spiritual teachers in the past and have left over stuff in your mind you are welcome to receive the water.

The water is free to you. At such time as you begin to notice the awakening of the flow of energy deep in your heart manifesting in physical and emotional blessings and you start feeling a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude you can begin to express your gratitude. Until that time enjoy the Navapashanam as a gift of Love!

Background and History of Siddha Boghar and Navapashanam:

  • It is believed that Bogar combined 4448 rare herbs into 9 poisonous Siddha herbal Energized Oils. When these 9 poisons are combined the result is Navapashanam.
  • It is said from the results that as milk and the other liquid or sandalwood paste touches a statue or Talisman made of Navapashanam it becomes an energized herbal oils. It is known to awaken an individual’s understanding of and connection to high cosmic life force energy. The awakened self then transforms through balancing the dis-eases known to man.

For more information about Siddha Herbal Energized Oils and the Siddhas of South India, you may read “Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition” from Marshall Govindan or “Siddhas – Masters of the Basics” from Pal Pandian.