What is Ormus?

Ormus is a product of alchemy, which is the ancient chemistry that transmutes something “base” into something “fine” through an esoteric energetic process. Ormus is believed to be composed of “monatomic particles” that emerge from pure “potentiality” through an alchemically opened portal. It actually materializes when certain physical and non-physical conditions are present! It is collected or harvested rather than made or manufactured because it “shows up” as a result of the alchemical conditions present.

Ormus is reported by many to be an accelerant, an amplifier that opens gateways! It appears that Ormus rejuvenates! Many report that Ormus improves brain functioning. Ormus supports the unfolding refinement of the pathways which access mental operating programs, beliefs and conditioning!  People say, with Ormus, emotional imbalances needing work are brought to the surface with greater ease and speed than normal, hastening access to more refined natural mental and psychic abilities!


Why Ormus?

  • People say that Ormus assists in activating the Light Body.
  • Reported to help promote mental Clarity
  • Reported to help improve Focus and Concentration
  • Clinical studies in Switzerland Alpha Learning Institute – show it balances both hemispheres of Left and Right brain
  • Helps increase alpha brain waives for meditation, relaxation, and clarity
  • Increases clairvoyance as reported by some
  • Has been known to assist some in deep sleep
  • Clears up skin issues (acne, ringworm, etc) as reported by some
  • Tightens skin (as reported)
  • Restored hair color in some
  • Reported by some to increase memory
  • It amplifies the effects of herbal, homeopathic, & gemstone supplements;
  • Reported by some to enhance life force energy
  • Humans and animals alike experience increased awareness and greater
    alertness; as appearing to some
  • Sparkling eyes and glowing skin are common, while some actually begin to look younger, suggesting anti-aging has begun. (Subjective Reporting)

*These Results are simply being reported by some people & in NO WAY represent a guarantee, a likely outcome, or promise. ALL MEDICAL CONDITIONS should be evaluated by a Medical Doctor.


The Speciality of Anu Alchemy Ormus

Anu Alchemy Ormus is collected in Navapashanam water by a loving community on full moon, solstice, equinox & eclipse. Navapashanam is made from many herbs & minerals by an immortal Siddha from South India. Stories about a ” Fountain of youth” sprang up from those who drank Navapashanam water, due to reported healing and magical occurrences!


Ormus Benefit Plants

Application of Ormus produces noticeable improvement in growth, appearance, flavor, hardiness, stronger root structure, and enhanced nutritional value. Many studies have been published about the benefits of Ormus in agriculture.


Ormus in the ancient world?

Yes! It is impossible to know how many references to Ormus can be found in writings from the ancient world, because it was called by other names. For example, Cleopatra was known to have attributed her youthful beauty to her habit of bathing in a very special “milk,” which, because of her vast alchemical knowledge, can be assumed to be a code word for “Ormus.”

In the same general region of Egypt, Ormus makes an appearance in the Old Testament when the wanderings of Moses and the Jews through Sinai are described. It is written that they were nourished by harvesting a miraculous substance, or “manna,” fallen from heaven—another probable reference to Ormus.

In countless ways, ancient people were far more knowledgeable and sophisticated than we have long assumed, however, as ever more information comes to light, we see that they were masters of technologies we are only now beginning to understand. Ormus has been with us for a very long time!


How does Ormus affect the mind-body connection?

Some report that taking Ormus causes better functioning neurons, which enables the electric body to operate in a more efficient manner.

  • Ormus creates a higher functioning mental and spiritual congruence resulting in enhanced communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, an upgraded balance in brain activity, more refined clarity of thought, greater creativity, increased intuitive/psychic ability, deeper wisdom, and a general expansion in conscious awareness with a higher level of intuitive reasoning. (Swiss study)
  • It is thought that Ormus augments physical energy as reflected in change in the size, color, shape and density of the body’s natural energy field, or “auric field.”