Siobhan’s Golden Light Siddha Energetic Oils

Evolution from the Inside Out

Master oil emanate the vibration of unconditional love and non dual mastery. They assist one in overcoming the largest and most subtle levels of contrast humans face within their divided consciousness. Anoint per your Spirit’s guidance.

Golden Light Support Oils are designed for rapid awakening and transformation for anyone working with the tools of the Golden Light and / or the EET© processes by energetically supporting these aspects of the inner work.

Golden Light Angel Oils each have their own purpose to energetically support one in the throes of inner transmutation. This order of Angels were instrumental in the earliest days of my deepest healing and development in the EET© processes. Embrace their blessing in your process.

Oils of The Golden Gods activate the unique vibrational attributes of these Gods within the whole of who you are. Blessed are we. Psalm 82:6. I have said “You are gods; you are all sons of the Most High.” Anoint per your Spirit’s guidance.

The oils of God are very high vibration oils that resonate within the realms of this consciousness. They are most effective when one has mastered the EET© processes enough to enter “the kingdom of heaven” within the love of being.

These high powered oils are most powerfully effective after receiving an initiation from Siobhan , yet are supportive in one’s Golden Light practice to fully awaken the experience of spirit within the love of being.

The 7 ArchAngel oils embody the frequencies of these mighty spirits. To acquaint yourself with their aspects within you, call upon them in meditation and prayer. Anoint as you are guided.

Recommended application of oils is listed for each category and description.