Swaha Ron and Divojananda will be on the show with the world renowned multi-dimensional healer Dr. Sharon Forrest. Who is the Founder and Director of Healthways International and the Enlightened Humanitarians Society offering a wide variety of modalities and workshops for healing, personal growth and self-empowerment. As well, she is co-founder of Casa Hogar Del Sol and Paskay – nonprofit, NGO organizations in Peru with flourishing programs dedicated to providing a chance at life to underprivileged children and adults.

Dr. Sharon Forrest “Life Transformer” is the best way to describe her. Mischievously humorous, Sharon’s loving, charismatic nature and healing talents have endeared her to thousands worldwide. She offers an extensive background in naturalistic and energy medicine, spiritual psychology, clinical hypnotherapy and ancient wisdom. Surviving phenomenal “personal growth and three near-death experiences” attest to this healer’s inner strength as well as to her quest for understanding this planet’s daily University of Life! A knowledgeable hands-on-healer, medical intuitive since early childhood, Sharon has the gift of enthusiastically blending spirituality, science and healing with love and laughter. A tail-blazer she effortlessly proves the power of healing Body, Mind and Soul. Results of her healing work have provided her a leading role in the integration of complementary holistic therapies and western medicine. Numerous medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists come to her as patients and students, plus refer their patients.

She had a residential clinic in Cuernavarca, Mexico and a research hospital in Montreal, Canada, both specializing in chronic and degenerative disease. 30+ years ago, she had debilitating chronic asthma, was dying of lupus and receiving last Rites. 20+ years ago her middle daughter was in a wheelchair with MS. Today they are both happy and healthy.

She has had great success empowering people to reverse diseases, heal health issues, find hidden saboteurs, break old patterns, heal unresolved childhood abuse, depression, anger, resentments, guilts, etc. She also inspire people to discover their Life Purpose and reach their potential.



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