Free Q&A Webinar with Emery Smith and Dr. Siddha Ron


Free Q&A Webinar with Emery Smith and Dr. Siddha Ron – 2023-08-13 11:44:55 from Moderator/Darci on Vimeo.


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“Results Guaranteed” 2018 Certification Training + Healing Retreat

October 13, 2018@3:00 pm - October 27, 2018@10:00 am UTC+0

- $1599 – $5999

2-Week Certification Intensive Training

Location: Arrowhead, CA.

Check-in October 13 @ 3:00 pm – Check-out October 27 @ 10:00 am UTC+0

No Other Certification Training Gives You More!

And Yes! Dr Sharon is still attempting to retire so she can finish her l-o-n-g overdue books. Divojananda and SwahaRon who took the 2017 Training convinced her into it doing it again.


Is this your next step?  We would love for you to come and weave your radiant Light into our Collective Mission. Please join us if at all possible.


***You can write the 2-Week Intensive off as “Education” or “Training”.


FYI: Each year past Participants, from all over the world, eagerly return!

Each year the “Results Guaranteed” Intensive is different due to the groundbreaking break-throughs in science and medicine, the needs of the participants, the questions asked, the Group Energy plus the innovative protocols Dr. Sharon has been ‘gifted’ with and ‘downloads’ to share with you.

Energy  Medicine  &  Energy  Psychology

 A Melody of Complimentary, Preventive Medicine, Energy Medicine + Energy Psychology
Multidisciplinary, multifaceted approaches to healing, on ALL levels – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually


A Symphony of the Natural Healing Arts A Banquet of Ancient Wisdom/Knowledge 


Becoming a “Results Guaranteed” Practitioner is one of the most important career moves you can make and the most life enhancing and rewarding for you, your loved ones and your clients.


Curing is treating and attempting to eliminate the symptoms.

Healing is uncovering the underlying cause to affect a lasting healing.

Lasting Healing incorporates body, mind and Soul.


Be an advocate for interventions that are applicable to the person’s individual needs that work and get results.

Dr. Sharon Forrest developer of “Results Guaranteed” Priority Testing, is one of the pioneers in the fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology and most experienced practitioners in the field of Applied Kinesiology / Muscle Testing / Contact Reflex Analysis. Her 45 years in the study and research of consciousness, healing, ancient wisdom and new paradigms has resulted in the development of this outstanding protocol.

Throughout the course of her careers, Dr. Sharon Forrest has served as a beacon and trail blazer on the frontiers of research, education, and clinical care. She has embodied the true meaning of the title ‘Physician-Healer’ and what Carl Jung referred to as “The Wounded Healer”. For more than 40 years Dr. Forrest has provided clinical care that fully integrates energy medicine, complementary and alternative care with compassion, reverence, and humanism.

Also, for the last 27 years Dr. Sharon Forrest, aka Mama Sharon, has and continues to spear-head numerous programs for ‘Street’ and deprived Children and the severely underprivileged indigenous people in the High Andes of Peru.  Mama Sharon is proud to announce that all her programs, and several others, are run by the first children she took of the streets and under her wings.


For a brief 2 1/2 minute introduction to Dr. Sharon Forrest, please see copy and paste the following link into your browser:


Results Guaranteed” Priority Testing

❤  “I didn’t believe Dr. Forrest when she told me she could teach me how to find the underlying cause and to fix anyone any time. I do now. After doing the seminar and working with it for a few weeks everyone gets results. You won’t believe these statements until you do it yourself. AND YOU WILL if you attend Dr. Forrest’s seminars and Trainings. I have told bunches of docs about this and they all love it.~ Dr. Allen M

❤  “I found this form of diagnosis and treatment not only helpful to me personally but absolutely mind blowing!  These folks are tapping into universal consciousness in ways that will transform healing, the world, and the way in which we perceive ourselves. Highly re- commended!”  – Lionel Friedberg, Emmy Award-Winning Documentary TV producer.

 ❤  “I took the “Results” Training and added this exciting work to my repertoire.  Clients who were unable to obtain relief elsewhere are generally relieved with one visit. With much love and caring, Priority Testing takes the guess work out of diagnosis and ascertaining the most effective treatment. – Dr. George Polluck D.C.

For more detailed information please email:


*Please note that the preparation would start as soon as you made the deposit. Therefore, you would need to find a replacement for your spot if you cannot attend the retreat.

*FYI – In 37 years, this class has never been cancelled*


October 13, 2018@3:00 pm UTC+0
October 27, 2018@10:00 am UTC+0
$1599 – $5999


Arrowhead, Ca
Arrowhead, CA United States + Google Map


Anu Alchemy

Swaha Ron aka Dr. Ron

Dr. Ron builds bridges between spirit and the traditional corporate health care communities. He owns and operates a licensed HMO in California. Dr. Ron is also an Ambassador of Maha Siddha Alchemy. Traveling the world since 1995, Swaha Ron sought the secret to spontaneous remission of disease. During this heart-felt quest, he received knowledge and experienced healing and energy transmissions beyond words to describe. He is connected to immortal yogis in South India who have given many of their Alchemical Secrets to him. Maha Siddhas are perfected beings who have dissolved the mind-created distinctions between the body and the soul/consciousness.  Discerning from Mother Nature, the Maha Siddha Bogar has given Navapashanam, Maha Siddha Herbs, and Sapphire & Pearl Basmam-medicinal ash. Navapashanam is the source of the ‘Fountain of Youth’ legends.